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I need to shoot an indoor scene with a stationary mounted camcoder in a medium size room. Haven't done video in a while and I'm not a pro, so looking for some advice.

Don't have a digicam, but an old Sony Handycam CCD-TR101 Hi8 that have not been used in a while. Final output format will be MPEG4, so with Hi8 I'd have to use a video capture card - already have WinFast TV2000 8bit D/A 640*480 - worked Ok for recording TV, never tried with the camera, would it be Ok?

Will I be much better off buying a new or used MiniDV Camera in $100-$250 range, or will Sony Handycam Hi8 be adequate?

- I want to get the highest quality/resolution, but am on a budget, so I'm looking at trade-offs and alternatives.

Will standard room lighting work fine, or should I get some additional lighting?

- I have a 500 watt halogen work lights that I can bring along, not sure if it will be good or not, but it's really bright. May be I should put a diffuser in front of it?

Any info is much appreciated


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