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Choosing HDTV hardware

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I know this isnt really a contruction question but I am trying to decide between DTV, Dish and cable. I have a 100" screen, front projector and want the best picture quality that I can get. How do I find out how the 3 would compare?

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There's no real easy answer to your question because it depends on a lot of factors.

First, for HD, I think the general consensus is that these days, DISH has the PQ edge. DirecTV is broadcasting "HD lite" - 1280x1080i - while DISH is full 1080i. Depending on how good your display is, DISH could look better than DirecTV. DISH network also has more HD programming, I think.

Next, between DISH and cable, it really depends on your cable company and how good it is and what other services you may be able to get from them (if that's important) and what hardware they offer.

I'd do some searching in the HDTV Reception Hardware forum. Then, take a look at DBS Talk for satellite info.

If you can't find the info you're looking for, add your location to your profile and post in the Reception Hardware forum or on DBS Talk. That way, somebody from your city may be able to comment on the cable offering vs. DBS options.

I've been a long-time DirecTV subscriber and I'm considering a switch for reasons I won't get into here. I'd seriously consider cable, but the cable co (and their service) in my area sucks compared to what's offered in other parts of the country.

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Don't overlook the opportunity to get some HD programming for free.

At antennaweb.org you can put in your zip and see what channels and what direction for OTA Hd signals in your area. I live in a DC suburb and can get all the networks with a bowtie antenna inside my attic. (Antennasdirect.com)

Most of the prime time dramas are now in some version of HD.

24,lost, invasion, CSIs, etc. and then there is the FOOTBALL!!!!
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