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Choosing New Speakers

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Hi, I've been improving my system (modestly, I don't have that many economic resourses), and now I'm going to change my f/c/l speakers. After reading much and some listening, I'd got to a list of four options that look good, so I like to ask if some of you can help me, leting me know what one option would you choose (please one, the one you'll buy).

I know that my ears are the last and most important factor, but it would help me to have some input from other entusiast.

1) Paradigm Studio 10 V.5

2) NHT Classic Three

3) Aperion Intimus 6B

4 Definitive Technology Studio Monitor 450

Thanks for the help.
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Those are all great choices and yes, you really do need to trust your own hearing. Speakers are the most subjective component in the audio stream. Having said that, some of the newer auto calibrations (Audyssey) levels the playing field some, but not totally. I've heard all those speakers mentioned, except for the Aperions (they do have a good reputation for good "bang for the buck". I have NHTs and have always liked them (love the sound and the looks), but that doesn't make them better than the others. The Threes are a three way speaker though, the others are two ways. To me, it has a much more defined midrange (IMO) and very well built + very good WAF.

Having said that, the Definitives are the most efficient and will take a lot less power, so what you are driving them with may make a difference (they'll get over twice as loud with the same power - may be something you need to consider if you have a large room or listen to your material very loud). All the above need a good sub.

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Personally, I like the NHT's the most followed by the Paradigm's..

I would also consider the Ascend 340's...
I'm a Def Tech owner and fan, and love what the SM450's are capable of. However, quite honestly, I would not turn down any of those, as they're all quality speakers. If they all sound good/comparable to you, you'll have to narrow it down to aesthetics and price. FYI, 6ave had SM450 pairs for
Thanks to all. For what I see, you think all are good, but you are inclined a little more to the NHT and DefTech. Before this post I was leanig toward the NHT, but then I hear the DefTech and like them a lot, and I like better the look they have (I read good reviews of the Aperions too). So that's what I asked for help.

I think I try to hear these two a little more and to find the better deal too.

Thanks a lot.
I love my Paradigms so far, but will be adding a DefTech system as well. My initial receiver is a Denon 2809, and I have heard it powering a Mythos STS system and the sound was great. I can tell it is not getting near enough power to the Paradigms, which now warrant seperates or a better AVR. However, I think for the 10's, you should be fine with either MFR.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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