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Choosing projector based on available space

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Hi. I have a room downstairs that I intend to make into a theater room. It's plenty long, however, there is a big protrusion from the ceiling hiding a support beam and the HVAC return ducts. I measured and from the wall where the screen will be to the duct is 13' 1.375". I'd like to use an Epson 5050UB projector. I went on Projector Central and saw it has a nice zoom ratio and for my desired screen size (120") it says to put it 11' 9" when zoomed in to max. I was happy, thinking that'll be great... then I thought wait; is it measuring to the center line of the PJ or to the lens? I assume the lens, as the centerline or rear would not make much sense. So I checked the size of the PJ - 17.7 x 20.4 x 7.5 in. As they are typically wider than long I assume 17.7" is the measurement I need. Adding that to the 11' 9" brings me to 13' 2.7". AUGH.

Just wanted to verify; the measurement is to the lens, right? I really wanted a 120" screen, just so I could say my TV was "10 feet" when people ask lol. Guess I'll have to go with 110. Calc says 10' 9" for that size, which translates to 12' 2.7" when I add the projector size. I thought about cutting the drywall to see if I could squeeze the extra inch and a half or so I need, but then I realized even if I can get the extra room there won't be any way I'll fit the power/HDMI. *sigh*

So anyway, just wanted to verify that the throw distance calculator measures to the lens. Thanks!
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Yes, the measurement is from the lens and not the center of the projector.

I'd say to check other projectors, but you may find that same issue with most of them.

Would it be possible to mount it under or behind the duct and beam or would that put it too low?
I considered that, but I wasn't sure about the image placement. Does lens shift allow you to shift the image higher than the projector's position? I mean, it'd be annoying to have it under the duct as people will block the beam more often but once seated as long as there is no blockage of the beam I suppose it doesn't matter. I'd just hope that the image wouldn't have to have the top at the level of the PJ, as that would make it lower on the wall than I'd like.

I guess I'll just have to wait till I get the PJ and experiment. I thought about changing units to one with a higher zoom or a smaller chassis, but I really like what I read about the 5050 so I think I'd rather just step down to the 110" if needs be. It would be the height of stupidity to change my selection just on something as whimsical as wanting a "ten foot" screen after all, lol.
Thanks. That's a pretty cool calculator. Not only is it handy, it solved my problem lol. The calculator wants to know width of room as well as length, so I ran downstairs with the tape measure and found the room is 16' 4" wide. I can't believe my dumb a** didn't consider just moving the screen to the other wall, lol. That solves the problem nicely. The placement of the rear left surround speaker will be weird as there is an opening there (a doorway but with no door), but there is a second way into the theater space so I could always frame up the entryway and drywall over it. Also this places the projector a mere two feet or so from my equipment closet, so I'll have a much shorter run for signal. Win win :)

Whew, nice to have that out of the way now lol. Thanks.
Whew, nice to have that out of the way now lol. Thanks.
Happy to help ;)
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