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Choosing speakers...does brand matter after the front 3?

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I'm going to listen to some Paradigm Millenia speakers tonight and if I like them I plan on buying them. The problem is I know I cannot afford the surrounds that match these speakers and was wondering after the front three is it generally ok to use cheaper speakers for rear and/or side surrounds?

My master plan is to buy my LCR speakers and spend about 1,200.00 on them and then grab some Polk RM7's for rear surrounds. A sub will be brought down the road.

Am I off here and should I go voice macthed all around?
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I have always prefered my surrounds to be matched to my mains, but for many they do not mind pans from front to surrounds or vice versa, that change in tone. It is up to you to make this call.
ditto--less importamt if you dont listen to multichannel music but honestly i did notice movies were surprisingly better with 5 same-series matched speakers....i still use a more downscale mosels or the back surrounds but same brand.
IMHO the surrounds don't matter too much, but try to avoid huge differences in sensitivity your receiver might not be able to account for, as you don't want the surrounds to sound too loud or too low compared to the fronts.

If your receiver can't adjust the surround level independently (most modern receivers can) then go for the same speakers as the fronts.

Other than that , not a big deal having lower quality surrounds.
While you can get away with smaller speakers as surrounds, for me it's certainly better when they have a similar timbre because it really helps imaging, which in turn makes pans smoother and more convincing. Your mileage may vary, of course, but at least try to find the closest match in a different line of the same brand or a different brand.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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