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Hi all,

After many years of hoping / waiting / dreaming I've finally been able to finish the basement and start my HT room!

Its my first post and I looking to the community to provide some direction on amp's and possibly thoughts the system in general... and next steps

Unfortunately I had little to no options in regard to the room dimensions
23' Long
13' 2" Wide
7' 4" tall (to drop-ceiling)

My Current Equipment
Pioneer Elite SC-68
Silverstone HTPC
AXIOM Speakers
- M100 v4 L/R Front Channels ( 4 Ohms - 400 w max - 92 db)
- M60 v4 L/R Surround ( 8 Ohms - 225w max - 91 db)3
- QS8 v4 Rear Surround Speakers ( 8 Ohms - 400 w max - 98 db)
- Custom Center channel
( 8 Ohms - 200 w max - 91db)
- Polk Audio powered subwoofers
- PSW350
- PSW450
I will set up a 7.2 speaker system.

Primarily I will be watching movies in the room by I do expect to listen to music from the front channels... fairly loud on occasion...

So to my question...
I have collected the following amps over the years and I'm looking for direction on which (if any) I should keep to drive the front channels or reasons to keep them all or sell them all and buy xxx.

I have a
Carver PM 2.0t
QSC MX1500a
Hafler P-225

All three are reasonably close on output but each have certain sound.

A friend of mine once had a Carver M-1.5t and I absolutely fell in love with the rich sound and the overall full experience that amp added to the sound.I haven't been able to locate that amp but I purchased a
Carver PM 2.0t in hopes of finding that wonderful sound.... unfortunately not yet.

So, the question I have... can the
Carver PM 2.0t provide the rich / full sound stage of the M-1.5t? If so would it be worth having the amp reconditioned at a Carver authorized repair shop to bring it back to its original sound?

Can the
Hafler P-225 be reconditioned to offer a good solution?

Is the
QSC MX1500a an option for this use?

Should I sell all three and purchase something newer that will provide the full sound stage I'm looking for?

Please let me know your thoughts.



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You likely only need amplification for the main two speakers. When tested blind with equalized volume, all amps sound the same. Pick whatever one has the lowest resale value and go with it. You can sell the others. Use the money to buy room treatments.

Nice HTPC case by the way.
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