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Anyone know why this is happening? With x264/h264 its fine, but these formats, while in sync and watchable, stutter from time to time and drop frames, and its not completely smooth. Im using Kmplayer (without the transform filter turned on, because it lags the vids and i dont like using it anyway), and in Overlay Mode, and they run perfect with that, but i prefer to use VMR9, because of the small color difference, nor do i need to worry about messing with brightness/contrast settings to offset what the overlay mixer will do.

Im decoding the MPG2s via Cyberlinks MPG decoder, which supports DXVA. My system is more than powerful enough to handle extreme res and bitrates, so i cant figure out why thats happening. Im actually getting DXVA when they lag/stutter via VMR9, as i can tell from the cpu usage being very low, so im guessing its some kind of decoder or player problem. Using Haali's Splitter as well, and tried it without to troubleshoot the issue and still, same thing.

Is it just that these formats dont work well with VMR9, or do i possibly neeed some update to it?
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