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Im trying to chose some high end speakers for my living room. The room has wood floor and ceiling and large glass door on one side so there will be a lot of reverb. Its approx 15'by15' with no rear wall (continues to rest of house). It is a high ceiling with a slope from 8' to 12'. I would like to use the speaker setup for 80% music (Hip Hop/R&B mostly but other as well) 20% Home theatre setup. I would like to not spend more then $10k for 2 mains with amp. Can go up to $15k but would rather not. I'm considering Focal, Dynaudio, B&W.

I currently use Dynaudio BM5a studio monitors and JBL 15" sub for all my listening and mixing needs. They are in an untreated room 12' by 12'. I have the LF rolled of -2 db on the BM5a and the HF -1 db. I have been using this setup for 3 to 4 years. I'm really used to it. The sub is not great to mix on but sound is ok.

I listened to the B&W 805d and 804d with no subs powered with mcintosh amp. I need to listen to many more. I liked the overall sound. They are very full however i cant get over the fact that my BM5a with sub sound considerably more crisp and clear. The BM5a midrange especially and high end is better defined. I'm baffled that i like my $1500 dollar setup better then $15000 setup. Was it just that B&W where not EQd properly and they have the potential for a crisper midrange/high end? I did not try to EQ them, somehow skipped my mind. Don't get me wrong i like the way they sounded much fuller and more colored then BM5a. I could really use them to reference mixes. They dont point out suddle details like the BM5as. I just expected more for such a big difference in price. I'm scared to spend so much on really nice speakers and not like the way they sound especially since the room is allready not so great acoustically. Maybe I'm just really used to listening to everything on studio monitors and really used to the punchy crisp mid end on the BM5a. I know the designs are different but overall production wise it really seems as if studio monitors are similar quality overall for far less money? Is this because they spend less money on marketing? Or rarely produce new models? Just curious.

However this got me thinking why not just get some nice studio monitors for my living room and HT setup. Like some larger Dynaudio or Focal or Adams matched with a nice studio sub. They are not near the price of high end HT speakers and so much crisper. Since music is 80% more important to me then movies is this a better choice?

I would really like to know your opinions and could really use some help. I will continue to audition more HT speakers as i all ready know what to expect from studio monitors having listened to the ones i mentioned and many others. No problem splicing the XLR cables of Studio Monitors to connect to standard Amplifier or is there? Would it try to send power to them anyway?
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