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Cinema 10 max build and 4 volt 6s

Talked with enrich, tux and a few others decided this setup would be perfect for my 7.1 surround setup in my new theater.

No point in showing the packaging from enrich as everyone says he must part time for UPS store or something the packaging was amazing everything protected beyond what a normal person would think to do and they arrived in perfect shape.

I built my cinema 10s using coorda's measurements boxes are 11x12.5x32 and these were perfect. No flat pack available at the moment but one is coming at some point. Honestly did not need one once sanded everything was flush and once painted you cant see the seams.

I did however not go with as much bracing, just a minimal bracing. Tux looked at the bracing and said it would be fine. The boxes were all tiebond3 clamped and brad nailed every 3" and once dried they were rock solid.

Once they were dry and the front where the baffle sits was sanded flush I placed the baffle.

Again glued and brad nailed. Once they were dry I sanded everything flush and used 4x restore on them. This stuff is awesome very much like duratex and if you never intend for a rodie to drop your speakers down the stairs at a venue this is more then enough for the average person.

Next up was the crossover and the design is really easy to do

Once that was done I placed the crossover on 1/4 spacers in the box screwed it down and mounted the binding posts filled the cab mostly full with poly fill leaving spaces around the ports . Dropped in the speakers pre drilled the holes and we had one done

Rinse and repeat and we had two

Had to test them out!! theater is a few weeks from being done but that did not stop me I just stapled a mattress pad on the first reflection point and brought down my SVS pb1000 sub. I tried an old 8" denon sub that I had but it was not up to the task at all (thats the silver one) The SVS pb1000 could barely keep up. I also brought down an older Yamaha ax810 Aventage amp. 100w per Chanel that I had laying around. Once the theater is done I will be using my Denon x4100 125w per to power them. Anyway Hooked them up messed with a few settings, and next thing I know my wife joined me down stairs we sat in lawn chairs for the next 4 hours listening to music. LOL Only playing in 2 channel these sound amazing! Best speakers I have ever owned. That is not saying much as I have not owned anything worth mentioning best was a pair of Klipsch rf42s. The thing that stands out to me on all the music we played was how clear the voices were and at very loud levels it was not fatiguing. "Homeless" by Paul Simon (GraceLand) was stunning and emotional. Next up building 3rd Cinema 10 max for my center channel and my volt surrounds and get some treatments on the walls.

THANKS AGAIN Enrich these are amazing !!!!!

AND THANK YOU TUX for designing such an amazing speaker! If the 1099 is better then this I can't wait to step up to it some day :)
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