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Cinema Midwest now under construction!

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Hopefully one day I'll be wishing I could change the title of this thread to "now complete".

But in the meantime, babysteps! Actually I started the real work back in December, but it takes me a while to get around to this kind of stuff.

Here's a link to the site I have up thus far. Sorry, this isn't dial up friendly. Anyway, if anyone has any comments thoughts, or suggestions, I'm all ears attached to an open mind!


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Nice website, for a fellow Kansas resident :)

One small suggestion for the site, speed up the flash and set up a way to not only scroll through the pictures, but have the ability to see a super size version.

But real professional looking. Are you a web designer or just a flash addict?


El Dorado, KS
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Can't move through pictures fast enough for me...my attention span is short :)
Oh crap, I did the riser before the drywall...mother blankity blank!
Hummmm... a fellow Olathean, and still no invite to visit the building site!
Originally posted by I'mListening
Hummmm... a fellow Olathean, and still no invite to visit the building site!
Oh, suuuure. Kinda like, no invite to the finished piece?


I don't know Darren, it'd be positively a step down compared to your work. I'm flattered you take an interest though. How about after the drywall is up I'll throw a PM your way? Right now it's fiberglass, fiberglass everywhere and everyone who walks through the basement inevitabely ends up itching. (I'm sure half the time they're imagining it, but what can you do?)

As for the pictures on the website... yeah, it's something I need to tweek. I'm gonna put an additional photos gallery in there with larger pictures soon. Maybe then it'd be of more use to people...

Thanks for the interest everyone!
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It took all of 4 of my unlimited AOL dial up minutes to download your site. It looks like you are off to a good start. I appreciate the pictures of the delta floor application which I hadn't seen elsewhere and I was interested to see how you dealt with that sump pump. Looks like you are planning to provide permanent access in your seating platform. I image some kind of removable cover carpeted to match?

Be sure to leave enough room to get the cover off. My cover slides up the drain pipe and swivels to provide access to everything below. I'm on my third pump in 10 years, but my AC condensate and furnace Humidifier overflow also goes to the sump which requires it to cycle on several times a day.
Nice website. Can you put some picture controls in, like "Previous/Next/Pause"?
Well I made a conscious decision not to update my website until I'm done. It takes to long. ^_^

I think I'll post progress in this thread (Don't worry Dave, I'll link pictures instead ^_~ ).

When I finish everything, then I'll recompile them into a website for anyone who didn't follow this thread.

Anyway, after I've posted my pictures up to this point, I'll welcome the usual great comments and suggestions that members always have to offer here. ^_^

I better update my signature too...
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I had a few things to overcome that I couldn't change without running into a lot of expense.

First thing was the existing plumbing and duct work that I couldn't reroute in addition to the projector's piping I was putting in for future wire runs.

This led to my problem of wether I'd use the soffit I was going to build for bass absorbtion or for sound isolation. (Couldn't have both...)

The equipment room behind the stage will hopefully stay cool enough since I built the return air duct back there. (there also won't be a door on the front.)

And if you're asking if there's any real benefit to using hospital grade outlets for the equipment, no. They're mostly designed to keep static shock sparks from happening. But people who don't know seem to get impressed. ^_^

I went ahead and built a space to isolate my lights to keep sound from escaping out of them... make sure the lights you put in a space like this are rated to be in contact with isolation. There's a good chance you won't overheat either one , but better to err on the side of caution. :)

Behold, the root of all evil.

That's the projector outlet (with it's own dedicated circuit) next to the projector mount and pipe.

Word to the wise, when you let people borrow your stuff, don't assume they know how to use it.

I let a brother-in-law borrow my air compressor. He didn't know you need to let the air out when your done to drain the water. I got it back with a good amount of liquid in there. :)

After seeing Chinadog's pictures, I realized how messy I am. Oh well. ^_^

Here's where I started construction on framing the soffit.

Oddly enough, I've yet to trip over and break anything. (That day will arrive eventually)

At this point I decided I'm not using the soffit as a bass absorber. I'd have way too much sound getting in (running water through the pipes... I hate that) and out of the theater. And no, I'm not done with my taping and mudding, so don't worry just yet. :p

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Making nice progress and looking good!!

Looking good so far!

I started mine about 2 months ago and haven't seen the basement since. A traveling job and summer vacations/weddings sure can eat up your spare time.....
Originally Posted by jerrodshook
Looking good so far!

I started mine about 2 months ago and haven't seen the basement since. A traveling job and summer vacations/weddings sure can eat up your spare time.....
I can't even think how long it would take me with a job that saw me traveling. I put myself squarely in the A.D.D. crowd.

I think someone once posted on here that if you make a consistent effort to get down in the basement just one hour a day, those can add up. Just one hour, then you can stop. It's great because if you get yourself down there thinking that, you inevitably get in the groove and find two or three hours have passed before someone comes looking for you. ^_^

Anyway, best of luck!
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Looking good! Looks like you're a little ahead of me, since you're actually beginning your drywall in your HT room, but I'm not too far behind you.

And BTW, I'm just good at hiding my crap from the camera!

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