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Cinemaster doesn't do true 16x9??

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I can't seem to get Cinemaster to output a true 16x9 signal to my Sony 32XBR400 with an AA vga-> comp. converter. I've got the resolution set to 720x480, which is native DVD resolution, and powerdvd will output the signal in a "squished" format, so that my TV can handle the 16x9 stretch. But when I use Cinemaster, I can't get it to do the same, it'll add a black bar to the top and bottom, so everyone looks squished. Is there a registry key I can use to have it output the same as powerdvd, in an untouched mode? Thanks.
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Hi Anogaijin:

___I am not very familiar with the Sony’s capabilities that do a 4:3 aspect ratio squeeze … Are you using a Radeon by chance? If so, and for a true 16:9 output, use a 16:9 resolution like the std. 960x540p w/ the 7093 ATI drivers. Hopefully this will have helped you achieve a proper 16:9 DT on the Sony. For aspect ratio control, use YXY to size the various players borders to your own Sony’s bezel if that is what you want to do. The ATI in particular likes a std. 16:9 square pixel setup since aspect ratio control while using it is a basic zoom control only.

___Good Luck

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Actually, this has pretty much nothing to do with the TV, or the resolution I'm running, but seems to be a fault in the way Cinemaster handles 16x9, by automatically assuming that the screen resolution is 4x3, and decoding a 16x9 format to a letterboxed 4x3 output. Like I said, PowerDVD can be told not to decode it as 4x3, and just leave the picture alone, but I can't figure out how to do it in Cinemaster, so there must be a reg hack or something. If anyone knows how, please reply, thanks.
It may be that the Cinemaster player isn't outputting an anamorphic image because you're not running at a 16:9 resolution. Unless there's an option somewhere in the settings to disable 'keep aspect ratio', your best bet would probably be to try a 16:9 resolution such as 848x480. Alternately, if you TV supports 1080i you could try 960x540p.
I've got a Radeon and an XBR400, and have noticed that the ATI dvd player (similar to Cinemaster?) is a little strange when it comes to aspect ratio selection. It shows various options, but not all of them work in a given resolution/desktop ratio.

I have always followed the advice of others here and kept to 'square' 4x3 and 16x9 ratios. I have had success with the 848x480 desktop within 540p timings in Powerstrip; this seems to line up perfectly with the side edges of the screen, and (theoretically) keeps the standard 480 lines for DVD. The 540p timing automatically kicks the TV into widescreen mode.

The only problem I've found is that sometimes when I reboot in this mode, the radeon reverts to a true 848x480 mode, which the TV then interprets as 4x3, leading to a stretched look. Reasserting the resolution with Powerstrip fixes it. I think this would be solved just by having Powerstrip activate at boot-up, but I prefer to keep my boot sequence as short as possible.
Thanks a lot to the last 2 replies, the 848x480 seems to work perfectly! Dcheesi-I'd be interested in knowing exactly what settings you have for pixel clock, refresh, etc. The pic looks great, but it flickers just a tiny bit, so maybe you've figured out the "sweet spot" on the 400. Once again, thanks to everyone that replied, it looks like it'll work nicely. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get Cinemaster 2000 to output DD from my SBLive! card's digital output...

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