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Hi again. I've been testing and testing PowerDVD against Cineplayer

using the Panic Room PAL DVD, which has a really breathtaking image

quality during the opening. My fianceé and I went back and forth a

zillion times, but I was very much in doubt, until she pointed out a few

things, such as long distance detail(very subtle!) and colour reproduction

on things like the number of the house in the beginning, and the floating

titles reflecting in various surfaces. When she got up and went to the

screen to SHOW me what it was that was better, I decided to say yes,

and agreed. She meant she could see more noise due to the sharper

image, and that adds up pretty good.

So I'm not going to test players anymore, she can do that. This is chasing

ghosts, the problem now is the DVD format. It's a lot of extra work for

1% better image. Yes, this is me talking. I remember going from a BG800

to my BG808, that was a 5678% better picture...no comparison AT ALL!!

I want in-your-face difference.

We all have to face it: With our CRT pj's and knowledge and equipment, DVD is the enemy now.

But we went with Cineplayer:)


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