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Cinepro / Llano amp??

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Hi All,

Well it's like this, I went over a friends house who's an avid audio guy with nothing but the best in components and i was blown away with his sound. We audition first his theater with his Sony G90 pj and in movie surround it was great.

Then we audition his dvd collection (can't remember the disc) but i was totally blown away with his sound.

He has custom made spkr's meridian 800 v4 & 861 , powered by Llano amps and Mark Levinson amp.

Now he has done the set up on my systems which he agree's it's very good in sound quality but i bit on the bright side. Now i use NHT VT3's as mains and rears, VC3 center and triad golds for sides with a Lexicon MC-8 for amps i am using Cinepro 2k5 MKII & 3k6 MKIII send 1000 watts per channel of pure clean signal. Great sound !!

Now after auditioning his room i now what to change one of my amps. I know that my spkr's are a little bright thats the way there built but, after speaking with him and calibrating my system i believe that if i change the amps i may be able to get the sound i am looking for.

So if anyone wants to by any Cinepro amps in great condition with boxes ,manuals and all email me or send me a pm. Or if you have an extra Llano amp and want to try a Cinepro let me know maybe we can work out a trade.


[email protected]
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Is anyone interested in a Cinepro 2K5 Mark II 6 channel amp 275 watts per channel?
So you've come to the conclusion that your amplifier is causing brightness based on the audition of his system which was:
  • A different room
  • with different loudspeakers
  • A different DVD player
  • A different Preamp/Processor
  • a different power amplifier

Sorry, but given all these variables how did you come to this conclusion and feel that it was the correct one? Room treatments alone could tame the "brightness" in your room, and you've got dramatically different paths to the speakers.

Frankly, it sounds like the upgrade bug for amplifiers has bitten you. That's fine by the way, but you really should think about what you're saying ;)

If your speakers are a little bright instead of trying to use amps as a form of EQ why don't you use the tone/tilt/re-eq controls in your Lexicon to dial back the treble a little? Be a heck of a lot less expensive and you have full control over it.

Yeah, but those Cinepro amps aren't easy on the eyes :)

I'm a former 3K6-III owner and now have Sim Audio Titan 7-channel beast -> for sonic & petty visual reasons.

- Andy

As for the different rooms , not so diff .

As for spks yes his custom built units (better)

As for diff gear i consider the Lexicon similar to the Meridian (IMHO)

And i know even thought my room treatments and acoustic set ups are dead on. I was only looking to get that roomy airy smooth sound that you can only get from a tube amp hence my amp theory.

I won't be able to duplicate his sound (not trying to) just want to try to get a more musical realistic sound out of my system.

as for the upgrade bug , something could be said for that (boys and toys) but the Cinepro is a world class amp and its a more expensive unit then the Llanos i am looking into, but as we all know the Cinepro's are know for clean pure power and thats what makes them a great home theater amp.


I actually like the looks of the Cinepro amps , since all my equipment is rack mounted . the sonic diff is my i am looking at a tube amp, just for a different sound.

Thanks for all the feedback,

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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