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Any Cinepro users here? The 3k6 has undergone three iterations in the past three years. To add to the confusion, there is a special edition model for each year- 3k6,3k6se,3k6II,3k6seII,3k6III,3k6seIII. Has anyone actually compared the sound of any of these amplifiers to each other? To further complicate matters, each amp can be configured as a 110 volt or a 220 volt model, with the 220 volt generating more power.

Whenever you read a review (esp on audioreview) everyone is always gushing. Is there a secret ad campaign somwhere I dont know about where you get paid to post favorable reviews?
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I use two Cinepro 3k6II amps w/a lex mc-1 in my main theater room. I tried various amps(some more expensive than the cinepros) but the dynamics and headroom I got w/cinepro was amazing. You can not help but like them. Ron
I have two 3k6Se-111 series amps running Aerial 10Ts/SR-3's/cc-3 combo with an 861 processor. The Cinepro's give me great dynamics and they have good control of the bass without the limp wristed approach that most amps exibit.

Upper extension and air are first rate. For value for money in the higher end Cinepro has been great. No major cosmetic looks like the Dreadnaught but IMHO a better amp in all areas except the glossy look.

The series development of Cinepro amps have been getting better and better and although I have seen no reviews of the series 111 amps (or series 11 for that matter) I expect they will prove to be glowing as was the series 1 amps.


I have heard the 3k6Se-11 and the 3k6Se-111 although more expensive was definitely better. Judging this without knowing your system is too hard but from my experience any of the series sound pretty good.

Best value is no doubt the 2k5, but it is the SE amps that are worth the highest praise although as usual the entry price is higher. The only other amp I have tried that came close where the 7B Brystons but the 3k6SE was a hair more revealing in the upper range.

Try them on your system before deciding. Unless you can afford a Levinson or bigger Krell these give good results.

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I have owned a 3k6SEII for a year. I have it connected via a 30amp connector to a Cinepro Power Pro 30, which in turn is wired to a home run 30amp circuit. I have every piece of a/v gear hooked into the PP 30, including a Sony G-90. I couldn't be happier with the 2 channel audio, as well as the 5.1.

Ron61250, I went to RIT with a guy from Horseheads. Nice town.
I have owned all 3 versions of the 3k6se. The 1 the 2 and currently the 3. I also have a 1k2se in my system wich I abuse regularly. I often use it to drive my passive subs. You want to talk about tight deep bass... my system can do it, without that one noted thumping!

People who have come by to compare have preferd the 1k2se to the 3k6seIII for stereo. Sighting better seperation and improved dynamics. The 1k2se replaced an EAD PowerMaster 2000. I then got the 3k6seIII to drive the rest of my rig.

The pairing of the Cinepro SE series with a quality preamp results in a system worthy of speaker evaluation. The se will give you a very clean and clear sound. Bad recordings sound real bad. The best recordings have incredible detail and space to them. This amp is the sort of amp that when you first hook it up, you try out a few CDs and DVDs. Then hours later you find that you are still listening to everything you own just to hear what it sounds like.

Everything sounds new again!

Other gear...

EAD TheaterMaster Ovation Plus

EAD TheaterVision P DVD

PowerPro 20

Power Supply III

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I'm resurrecting this thread to see if opinions have changed--original posting dates are late 2000.

It seems that the Cinepro is the value leader and compares favorably in sound quality with Bryston, Krell and Theta in all areas, including dynamic range, transparency, punch, detail, etc.

Who agrees/disagrees with this and why?

And, what amp does more better for less than 2x price?

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I run a 3K6SEIII and a 2K5II for my system along with both sets of Cinepro Power equipment (PowerPro 30 & 20, PowerSupply III & 20) and there isn't anything I'd upgrade them too except maybe a Cinepro Preditor. The 3k6 series really needs a 30 amp circuit to get the most out of them and I wopuld highly recommend going that route.

As for upgrades, they do not change every year but about every 2.5 years which isn't bad at all. I bought one of the very first 3k6SEIII's and had to wait well past the announced release date. Cinepro may be slow in releasing their produts but so far it has been worth the wait.

Cosmetics are not the best but I'd rather have the performance under the hood then the fancy paint job anyday.
Is a 3k6se111 the same as a 3k6seGold? If so, that is definitely out of my price range. What is the diff btw the 3k6 111 and the 3k6se111?

Also, it will be mated to an Aerial setup with 10Ts. I guess this is a good match?

finally, what about the Sunfire? how do the two compare and how do they compare to the obvious high end competition, eg Bryston, Krell, Theta, especially for the matchup with the Aerials?
Is a 3k6se111 the same as a 3k6seGold? If so, that is definitely out of my price range. What is the diff btw the 3k6 111 and the 3k6se111?
Technically there is NOT a 3k6seIII. There is a 3k6-III and a 3k6SE-Gold.

The 3k6SE-Gold is a 6 channel (700 watts per channel @4ohms) Special Edition model. It has solid gold plated circuits, pure silver wiring. It is a massively overbuilt best possible design version.

There are another two Special Edition 2 channel amps. The 1k2SE (550 watts per channel @4ohms) and the 1k2SE/XC. They are both best possible design version of the 1k2. The XC model has the 4Kw power supply that is in the 3k6SE-Gold. Again the XC is a "cost no object" model.

Again all of Cinepro’s amps are great. Well beyond their price in value and listening pleasure. I owned the 3k6SE-Gold before I became in Cinepro dealer for my custom HT business. I had (two) great Citation 22 amps for 10 years and a HK sig 2.0 amp (which was not in the same league) before the Cinepro.

The Cinepro 3k6-III and the 1k2SE are the most popular models. Like all things, these two amps are the "best buys" of the line at $4,799 and $2,999 respectfully (current list).

The Cinepro 3k6SE Gold and the 1k2SE/XC are the massively overbuilt best possible design versions. these two amps cost more at $7,999 and $3,999 respectfully (current list). Both of the above sound great and compete well at their higher price tags.

It is not just the ability of the Cinepro amps to play loud and handle the extreme dynamics of movie soundtracks that distinguish Cinepro. It is the quality of the sound they produce which is effortless and rich in inner content.

They are excellent amplifier choices for any application. I hope their new pre-amp processor follows in the family tradition
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I got tired of always wanting somthing a little more - more air, more punch, more power, more headroom, more intangible something. And less - less noise, less muddy, less money.

Cinepro has an iron clad return policy - so I figured why not. Maybe I could find the right something and be done with it.

I bought a 3k6 III. Boy did I screw up. I was not at all prepared for this beauty and the beast. I wanted my amp buying days to be over.

They weren't. I bought another one as well !

Now I'm done. Figure that will hold me for a while.

A truly graceful brute it is.
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If your running 10Ts then I can promise you will not be disappointed. My Cinepro's have been amazing. Dynamics, clarity and total ease in presenting any difficult peice. Absolutely not an in your face amp, although some think the name must mean these are a HT only sounding amp. But the truth is this is not the case because music is presented very dimensional and without adding color. These amps are very well controlled and show lots of depth and precision. you really need to spend 3x this sort of money to do better and even then its only by small margins.

I would agree with everything that has been said about Cinepro. They are great amps. I have a 1K2SE and a 2K6III and I can't wait to listen to music and watch movies because of the dynamic, powerful sound I get. The company is also great as well and customer service is awesome. I could not recommend them enough.

I will second, third, and so on the motion on cinepro amps. I run the 3k63 bi-amped for my fronts and center (BW N802 & HTM1)and the 1k2 for my surrounds (N805). My system came alive when i hooked up the cinepro amps. I replaced a Bryston 9Bst w/ the cinepro amps. I also had the Earthquake Cienova Grande Amp hooked to my system (300watts 8ohms) and neither one of those amps could compare to the Cinepro. Like Jamin my search is over. I think.
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