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Circuit City's Matrix Release Date?

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I was checking out Sundays add for Circuit City and noticed there is no "Available Tuesday 5/22/07" date for either Matrix Trilogy box sets. Is it an error or is it possible that I can pick this up tomorrow? It would be cool if I can pick up the box set up and my new A2 on Sunday.
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I was promptly informed by an CC associate that it was illegal to buy any type of software from the store before the release date when I attempted to get away with a box set which another associate mistakenly put out.
Illegal? No. Against store policy? Probably. If the clerk will sell it to you, good for you!
It's not illegal but they can get in trouble with the studios and have future movie shipments delayed or cancelled entirely.
I Believe the fine is 25,000 Plus the price of the movie
I bitched enough yesterday the lady overrode the computer and rang up the set as labor or some such thing after I pushed her and pointed out the paper did not mention anything about tuesday and I made a trip just for this to the store.
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