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Official AVS Thread for Clanhold Cinema.

Walkthrough from January 2016


Display: Panasonic PTA-E8000 Projector
Screen: 108" Elunevision Studio 4K Projection Screen
Receiver: Yamaha RX-A3070
Bi-Amplifier: Yamaha RX-V3800
Front L/R Speakers: KEF Q900
Front Center Speker:KEF Q600C
Surround Speakers: KEF T105
Front Subwoofers: SVS SB-2000 (x2)
Rear Subwoofers: KEF T-2 (x2)
Control: Harmony Ultimate Remote
HTPC: Intel Core i3-4160 3.6GHz 8GB DDR3 RAM
KODI: Krypton 18.0 MVC Build
Network Storage 1: Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra
Network Storage 2: Netgear ReadyNAS 104
Storage: Seagate Barracuda 8TB Hard Drives x9, Seagate Barracuda 4TB Hard Drives x9 (108TB Total and counting)
XBox One
XBox 360
Playstation 3

More will come in this thread over time and will likely be updated by Batiatus Rules as the main designer and builder for this theater.

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Digital Poster Frame

Mini Build Log by Batiatus_Rules

3D Model

A breakdown of all the sections.

Close-up of the box and face frames as completed.

Cut list layout. Used just over 25% of a full 4'x8' sheet of 1/2" MDF.

The LEDs will be diffused by hot gluing pingpong balls over the openings. This does make a nice effect but I found the cheap pingpong balls ordered vary in quality with some being very thin walled and others thicker. I'll be using as many of the thicker as I can because they don't dent as easy and they diffuse better. The thin wall ones make it easy to see the light source directly.

The lights are controlled by an Arduino Nano clone. I found this website with a fantastic pre-written sketch that offers a ton of different light sequences. I'm no master coder but I was able to decipher what parts of the code I needed to in order to get different actions for the theater chase mode, as well a changing the sequences order. Hans, who wrote this article and sketch, is very helpful and fully willing to offer suggestions and advice. I still have a few things to tinker with and am hoping to be able to use the Arduino to control a few of the TV's functions.

Tweaking 4 All

Basic video of the theater chase program.


His tutorial does a very good job of explaining how to hook-up your Arduino, a SPST switch and the LEDs. I will share my sketch code as well once I've got it worked out.

A few notes. The entire physical project took about 6 hours to complete while dealing with some cold rainy weather. I was going faster than I should have and next time I would take a trip to my dad's to borrow his biscuit joiner for the connections of the face frame. They did not line up completely flush after being secured to the box frame and the biscuits would have kept them even. Once everything is filled, sanded, painted and installed no one will know but just a good woodworking practice.

Getting the spacing for the lights was made easy with Sketchup using the simple clone and divide commands. If you don't know Sketchup and are looking at doing any sort of projects like this I HIGHLY recommend getting it and learning some of the basics. Designing this project took me about 10 minutes, with several hours more tinkering. Once you learn how to draw simple shapes and use groups (very key) the rest comes with practice and watching YouTube videos.

WS2812B RGB LED String

A big note though is that using Sketchup for the lights layout left a slight error. I was using fractional units to 1/16" but the spacing was actually about a 1/64" larger. The space between each light is shown as 2 9/16" but if I'd laid out the first light at the spacing and carried on I would have been 3/16" out by the time I got to the final light. This is true for both the side spacing and top spacing. To compensate I divided each section of lights on each board into 4 sections and the spacing between each section gained an extra 1/16". This way I added the 3/16" difference up over the coarse of the row but it's imperceptible.

Getting the TV hanging on the wall vertically level has been a great challenge and then aligning the frame around it even more of a challenge. Because this hangs on a stub-wall above a staircase leading down to the theater it's a very difficult job. I think next time I would build the frame with a full 1/2" back sheet and then mount the TV mount exactly in place to the back sheet with a couple screws and the 2"x2" frame around the outer edge. The back sheet would then be easy to put against the wall and level plus screw directly into studs. Then put bolts into the studs through the TV mount as well. Mount the TV and slide the box frame over and enjoy.

Completed Build of Frame

TV Hanging on the wall.

Frame Test Fitting

Work In Progress Videos

Frame painted, re-hung straight, pingpong balls attached, wires hidden.

Still need to add the molding to the sides and work out a few things with the Arduino.

Changed lights colour to an amber instead of not-quite-white white.

Testing some custom made poster/trailer video "slides" to see how these might work on a second digital display planned for the future.


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Box Office Ticket Booth

Built by Batiatus Rules in the same manner as the digital poster display frame. This is the current home for the box office but there are plans to move it to a new and more prominent location in the future.

Build Breakdown


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Green Room Bar Display Build Photos

Built by Batiatus Rules. Basic 1/2" MDF open-top boxes with 1/2" single-side frosted plexi stands. Currently just white LED bars inside for effect.

Wine Rack

Simple wine rack built by Batiatus Rules


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Theater Entrance Hidden Cabinet

Cabinet Build by Batiatus Rules

Simple box built with 3/4" Ash plywood, 3 inner shelves and an outer face frame. Painted black and coated with poly.

Hole cut in wall.

Cabinet slide into place.

Accessories filled in.

Door installed.

Lighting recently added with motion detector.


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As the new digital poster display moved the original theater entrance marquee why not but a similar light frame around it to? Already had all the materials other than a 2x4 for the hanging frame but that was cheap.

Design, same method as the previous frame just 4 less total lights on the narrow sides.

Frame built.

Testing the lights

Installed and testing the lights.

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