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Clark Synthesis silver for a cockpit.

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I couldnt find much in the way of comparisons on here after lots of searching. For me to ship to new zealand it works out more in shipping than the cost of the actual units for aura pros. So getting 1 clark synthesis silver is only a little more.

Is there really that big a difference in them. Ive allready got an old aiwa sub that i can rip appart for its 100w amp with 60,80 and 120 cutoffs and volume.

This is all going in a simple racing cockpit im building with race seat and probably a steel tube frame. Im going way overkill i know.

Also when mounting shakers in a frame like this how much does insulating the feet matter(rubber mounts even though it will be on carpet). I was going to build a spring system then decided it would probably rattle like mad, even with high tension.
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Just FYI, the Auras were originally designed for car use and they are all rated at 4 ohms whereas the Clark is designed for HT. Something to keep in mind when building your cockpit.

And yes, there is a BIG difference between the two, Auras are shakers, Clark's are tactile transducers, up there with Buttkickers. It all depends on your application. Good luck and keep us posted.
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