Classé Delta Driving Magico S5 MKII

Classé is back. The Canadian high-end audio brand known for its uncompromising approach to electronics is in the midst of a rebirth following its recent acquisition by Sound United. At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, the company showed its new Delta Series, which consists of three models total: The Delta Mono and Delta Stereo amplifiers, and the Delta Pre preamp.

I had a quick chat with the folks from Classé at the CES demo. The very first thing that was stressed is that the brand is ending any manufacturing in China. This equipment will come out of a factory in Japan. Secondly, this is hard-core gear with price points that are not for the faint of heart. The Delta Pre is priced at $9999, the Delta Mono is also $9,999 and the Delta Stereo has a $12,999 price tag.

So, what do you get for your money? Classé promises the Delta Series will represent the new high bar for the company. First, you get amps that offer pure class A power at moderate power levels—for the highest theoretical fidelity—with the ability to switch to class A/B at higher output levels, for greater efficiency. For example, the Delta Stereo outputs 12 W per channel in class A before it transitions.

At the show, Classe had a pair of Delta Mono amps running Magico S5 MKII speakers. A Tascam reel to reel served as the occasional source for this system that is decidedly "cost no object" in nature.

One thing to note... yes, these amps have fans. Indeed, the cooling system is active and this is a feature.
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Some photos of the Delta Series by Mark Henninger: