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I'm looking for a good 2-channel or 5-channel outboard amp to replace the internal amps of my Onkyo 705 which has served me well but just doesn't live up to the potential of my ML Vantages.

My initial thought was to get a used Rotel, Adcom, Outlaw, or similar "budget" yet still high quality dedicated amplifier. In doing this research I uncovered a lot of rave reviews for the Rotel 1077 class-D 7-channel amplifier, and now more recently the 15-series. In particular, I'm most interested in the RMB-1565 5x100 watt class-d amp. A combination of great price, clean low-distortion sound, really good low-impedance handling, and a natural doubling of power from 8 to 4ohms (and again to 2ohms) seems to make this a great buy.

Here's what I'm wondering:

1. Is 200 watts (@ 4ohm) per channel enough to do the Vantages justice? Or do i need something more robust like the rmb-1575?

2. Has anyone else here used any of these new ICE-power class-D amps with your martin logans? How do they work with ESLs? (I've heard a few good reviews, but am always looking for more first-hand experience)

3. What are some other (or possibly better?) options around the same price range ($500 - $1500)? For example, are the Emotiva amps any good??



Onkyo TX-SR705

Martin Logan Vantage main

Martin Logan Motif center

Monitor Audio RS-6 surrounds
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