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I'm a Mac guy, and can pretty much compile any UNIX app. I also have a PC for use in a pinch...

I've collected a few Transport Stream files that have trouble playing back on my Mitsubishi 73711, but play fine when dumped to a JVC 30K. I am looking for some TOTAL NEWBIE tool that can help me determine the issue with these .ts and the Mits, or just clean 'em up.

I also have a Matrix .ts file that will NOT play through a D-VHS deck. Tons of audio drop-out. VLC handles it fine. I checked and it has 3 different AC/3 tracks embedded, and this may be the problem. But I have no idea what/how to fix it up so I can run it through the D-VHS. No point watching this stuff on my computer... want to see it on the Mits man!!

Anyway, I'm thinking a tool to transcode .ts -> .ps -> .ts might clean it up for me. Or some tool to clean errant audio... or remove the excess audio...

ANYTHING that helps clean up a .ts would be great. Anything that's helped get stuff playing through a D-VHS or Mits... But like I said, I'm a total newbie in this area, and understand very little technical stuff... pointers appreciated too.


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