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I have a Sony KDS-60A3000, and I am a smoker. Im no slob, but not a clean freak either. Anyway, my TV over the last couple of years has I'm sure lots of dust build up on the inside ( Mirrors etc... ) I have noticed even with my new bulb change that it is just not as vibrant of a picture that it used to be, and I can see dust on the inside from the Lamp door. My question to you all is what is the best way to clean the inside? If you could please list if I should use any kind of a solution ie: Soap and water, or high end glass, lens cleaner, and what materials would be best to wipe with?

Also should I lay my tv down on its face, and remove the back?

I just really want to try to bring new life back into it, and get it looking like new again.

Thanks in advance
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