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Cleaning Dust Inside of a Projector? Sony VPL-VW50

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I just picked up this projector used and it seems to have quite a bit of dust build up inside the projector when I look through the vents. The projector has been stored in its original box in a garage for a couple of years. The previous owner smoked in the garage so there is also a concern that that there may be some secondary smoke issues. It works fine but I do not have a screen yet so firing it up against a red wall was the best that I could do. For the price I paid for it and the extended warranty that it has it was worth the risk so I thought that I would see if it makes sense to open up the case and clean out the inside.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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If it has an extended warranty I wouldn't void it by opening it up.

Did you take the filter out and inspect it.
Hang a white sheet or other white substrate so you can get a better look. If you have any dust blobs or discolorations (with a white blank image send it in for service .. that is the point of an extended warranty isn't it?
I was able to put an image up on a light tan wall and all looks good for now. I'll hold tight until I get the screen up.

Thanks for the input!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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