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Cleaning Up a Wiring Mess & Much More

By Arlen Schweiger
Actually showing up at its appointment with the client was the first thing this integrator did better than its predecessor.

If only this project were as simple as cleaning up the wiring and the enclosure.

This entire project is a good lesson in what not to do as an integrator. Much like a relief pitcher coming out of the bullpen, Toronto-based Zedware got the call from a friend of the homeowner, whose builder had partnered with an integrator to provide phone, cable TV, networking, multiroom audio and a main-floor surround-sound media room.

The original integrator was knocked out of the game after only a few innings, and the first relief pitcher never got out of the bullpen. Luckily, Zedware managed to get them out of a jam and close out this installation comeback victory.

"We had been the second company that had been called in to try and repair this," says company president Jordan Hermant. "The first company that was contacted to take a look at it never showed up to the appointment. By the time we met the homeowners, what they needed most was the reassurance they would be taken care of and treated properly."

What Went Wrong

Here's some of the rocky play-by-play - we led off with the wiring - covering the original integrator's outing, according to Hermant.

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