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Cleaning vintage wood cabinets?

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I don't really know the best forum to post this question so I thought I would start here.

I recently acquired a pair of 70's McIntosh components and had an authorized tech go through them....they're wonderful. The cabinets however, have not been cleaned or protected for prolly that same amount of time as they are rather lackluster and any finish they had has been long gone. I'm looking at (possibly) just oiling them (if that's what's recommended) and preserving the few water spots and shallow scars (as a badge of legacy) but don't want to "seal" them. I was given a jar of Tannoy Wood Wax that I applied to a pair of vintage Norman Labs speakers (acquired in the same deal) which smelled of shoe polish and darkened the wood. This may be nigh impossible to remove now and I don't wish to treat the Macs this way.

Any suggestions?
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Don't have any specific products to recommend, but I would probably try a two-step approach. Find a cleaning product and use a microfiber towel to get off the grime. Then use a wax/polish type product. Most of these I've found do smell a bit at first (like pesticide). Most oil type finishes, linseed or Tung (the "REAL" ones, not the crap you find at Lowes or Home Depot), WILL tend to darken most woods, so these may not be what you want.

I would go to this woodworking website and ask. They are plenty helpful and have both Pro woodworkers and hobbyists.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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