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Clear QAM available on HTPC using gbpvr

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I was using Vista Media Center for a while, was frustrated at the lack of support for Clear QAM, then I stumbled upon gbpvr... Good software, lots of 3rd party plugins. I've got two TV Wonder 650s installed tuning and recording Clear QAM from Charter. gbpvr supports a few other cards also for tuning QAM. If you are interested in a good Media Center software that tunes QAM in the clear, you should check it out. I would post a url, but since I don't have 3 posts you will have to Google it...
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According to the following link gbpvr has nothing to do with Media Center and will run on any current Windows system like the several other non MC TV application packages that will handle Clear QAM.

Yep, GB-PVR is a less in-depth MC than Mediaportal/Meedio that stays pretty true to its core and that is PVR functionality. It does do it extremely well, though and does have a pretty good plugin library.
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