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Cleveland WB channel 55 - WBNX

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After seeing the threads about the WB planning to deliver some of their programming in HD this fall, I became curious as to when our local affiliate would begin broadcasting digitally. I sent an e-mail last week to them asking about this. I got a reply this morning:

> Hi Steve,


> It is totally dependent on the FCC granting us the DTV license; they have

> been so SLOW in getting our final approval; it's been over 18 months

> already. Once we get that approval and once we know what format the WB we

> can progress on this!

> Thanks for the interest!


> Annie Keith

> Station Manager, WB55 Cleveland

> [email protected]

This seems really strange. Usually the scenario is the license was granted years ago and the station files extension after extension to put off the expense of the conversion. This is almost the opposite - the station is ready to go but the FCC won't grant the license. Are there any insiders reading this that might be able to shed some light on why the FCC would drag their feet on something like this?

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According to info from the FCC site relating to WBNX's digital facilities: Interference issues, as well as approval from the Canadian "version" of the FCC are issues which may be holding up the construction of WBNX-DT's digital facilities. For more info, and previous discussion, see the following thread:

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