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Hi All,

I have a B&K components Reference 30 preprocessor, with a 200W B&K Reference 7 channel amp.

When the units were new, I got a clicking/popping/static type sound that randomly came from the system. It appeared at the time to only be there when watching/listening from an optical feed. I figured at the time, the problem was my HD Sat. receiver (it only has optical outputs). I did not get the problem when watching DVD's (digial/RCA output).

Well, in the last couple of years the problem has begun to manifest itself from all of my sources (optical and RCA). So, I've decided to spend more time diagnosing the issue. It gets really annoying watching a movie and hearing this unwanted sound.

I emailed B&K about the issue and their suggestion was to reset the Ref 30, and if there was still problems, to send the unit back to them for service work.

The problem seems to come from the preprocessor itself, the only speakers the noise comes from is the rear surround channel's. I am certain the signal is from the preprocessor as I switched the inputs for the rear surrounds with the surround channels. The only speakers that had the noise then were the surround, so the speakers changed up one, but were going through different channels on the amp.

I'm really looking for any help in diagnosing the problem, If it is in the preprocessor, I will send that back, but I don't want the system to be down for a month while waiting on the preprocessor to get there and them tell me the problem is in my connections.

any help is much appreciated.

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