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Clint Eastwood westerns

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I am collecting Clint Eastwood westerns on DVD. I think I have all of them, but not totally sure. I have the following:

1) A Few Dollars More

2) A Fistful of Dollars

3) The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

4) Hang 'Em High

5) High Plains Drifter

6) Joe Kidd

7) The Outlaw Josey Wales

8) Pale Rider

9) Unforgiven

Other than Bronco Billy, does anyone know if I have missed any?

Thanks in advance,

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Yeah, that's the existing number of Westerns with Clint Eastwood; those are the exact movies titles that are part of my movies collection on DVD...
There was a movie that Clint Eastwood played a country singer named Red Foley. The singer was singing in honky tonks, but died of I believe of lung cancer. Would anyone know the name of this Clint Eastood movie? My Favorites are "Pale Rider", "A Few Dollars More" and "Hang em High.

Many years ago I bought the Green and Red Italian art work and black Italian text Vinyl LP of "A Few Dollars More" in a New York City Records dealer. I played the grooves off that album, I liked the music from where they steal the 'small safe' from the bank. The Ennio Morrecone music was thrilling to my ears and still is 31 years later. I bought it in 1970 for the unheard of price of $15. I was laid off from my trucking job in the summer, I had to work 5 hours for what I paid for that LP!
hob, I bleive it is called Honkytonk Man. His character was called Red Stoval and he died of TB.
bbqman you hit it right on the nose, I wasn't sure of the characters last name. I was sure that it was Red I hear the words when visualizing the movie in my mind.

Maybe the pneumonia I have is finally clearing up thanks much.

I guess you can't believe that todays $15 won't buy a decent DVD, but back in 1970 I would have paid twice that, nobody had that album for sale, there were no vcr's to watch it on either!
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