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I just got my 90 year old mom a Vizio TV (XVT323SV) and we're having a problem with closed captioning.

The TV is connected directly to cable - no cable boxes, etc - and I've turned on both digital and analog captioning. Everything goes fine, and then, suddenly, she doesn't have captions. I go to the captioning menu, don't change anything, and that turns the captions back on. This happens 4 or 5 times a day. I'm never in the room when the captions shut off, so I don't know exactly what triggers it, but it doesn't involve changing the settings.

I've had no luck with Vizio tech support, and it sort of seems like something is wrong in the software and it's turning the closed captioning off for some reason.

Is there anything I can play around with to try and resolve the problem? One tech suggested I used a different closed caption, but CC1 is the only one that works at all.

I hate to take her brand new TV away, but she cannot hear so a set with intermittent captioning just isn't going to work for her.

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