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Closed Captioning Radeon feature?

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The new ATI Radeon video board includes features along the line of the Replay or Tivo. It pauses live TV, works with the Gemstar video guide, and allows you to "tape" shows up to a week in advance. One spiffy feature that would really be a cool feature for the Replay would be this one:

You can play something back 2x or more, and with the Radeon, the audio turns off during a fast forward playback (just like the Replay), but what it does, is it turns on the Closed Captioning for the program when it turns off the audio. So you can still watch the program in 2x or whatever.

Which leads to the more obvious question... why doesn't the Replay have CC? And if it could, why not use it in a cool way like the Radeon?



Who really cares?
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Replay does have CC (not in 2x, though). If you have 3.0 and don't have CC, unplug your unit and plug it back in.

That won't give you CC at 2x, but you'll at least have it when watching at regular speed.
Just to clarify, the Replay *passes through* the Closed Captioning signal, your television is still responsible for displaying the Closed Captioning.

But no, you're not going to get Closed Captioning at fast forward speeds.
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