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First of all I would like to thank all the folks for posting in this forum. I have been researching a HDTV since July and was planning on getting a Sammy HLP 5674 until I seen the Mit 52525. I resisted because of the glare then succumbed to the 725 series. What a beut!

I am having significant compatibility issues with Charter Cables Digital Cable box. It has come to my attention that closed caption is not available on component 1,2 and DTV, Mit Manual P 68. I am using input 1 for my 480P DVD player and activating the Closed Caption on the DVD player. I can pickup Local HD stations with Ant1 input and CC is no problem. CC is no problem with non HD stations using Ant 2 via cable.

I have tried the fire wire input of the Motorola Cable box receiver and after the auto setup I only get the blue screen. I have the same issue with my Panasonic camcorder, even though I can function the camcorder through the Mit . Just no audio or video only blue screen.

The bottom line is I have two hearing impaired Children and have always used Closed Captioning.

Charters Cable Box don't do closed Captioning.

I thought the ADA laws of 1990 covered closed captioning. I guess deaf folks have to settle for non hdtv.

Any Ideas on solving this dilemma. I sure love this TV but am thinking about sending it back. Thanks:(
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