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Closed Captions gone on HBO-HD?

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Suddenly, all the closed captions seem to have vanished from HBO-HD (at least as carried on DirecTv.) This is a significant issue for my wife, who has a hearing problem.

There weren't any last night for the Sopranos and several other things I tried, and I just looked again (monday night) and they still weren't there.

All the SD HBO channels still have captions. Also, the other HD channels on DirecTv that I've checked, like Showtime HD, still have them, so it appears this is more likely a problem at HBO that is specific to their HD feed.

Does anyone know anything about this? Can anyone confirm that the captions are or aren't there on HBO HD as seen on a cable service? And finally, does anybody have an address or phone number at HBO (or D*) that would be likely to get an informed answer?
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sorry to hear that, perhaps you should call your cable company first before contacting HBO. see if you get anywhere with them, after talking to a HD tech who knows something.
There was a reference to a customer service phone number noted in another thread (Anastasia). Perhaps someone here can post it for you.
Not to worry. Whatever the problem was, they fixed it. As of Tues morning the CCs were back.

Thanks for the thoughts. I found an HBO customer service e-mail link specifically for HD, so next time something like this happens, I'll try that.
After reading the original post this morning, I checked HBO a while ago and saw captions, so they must have fixed it if there was a problem. But I did not watch HBO on Sunday, so I can't say if it was a national or local problem.

BTW, if you get HDNet, they have recently started showing captions for the former broadcast & cable network HD shows such as Dead Like Me, Smallville, and so on. From what I have observed, there are still no captions for their own original programming. But the series shows presumably already had captioning in the data stream, so all they had to do was to add the equipment to send the captioning out. I have also yet to see any captions on the HDNet Movies channel; hope they fix this soon.
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