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Closeout Shootout - Denon AVR 2310ci vs. Pioneer Elite VSX-23TXH

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These two are out there. What would you do if you were buying today and didn't care about 3D or iDevice integration?

Denon AVR 2310ci


Audyssey MultiEQ - my perception is this will provide a means toward quality HT audio with less time required.

Audyssey Dynamic EQ - my perception is that this would be useful to those married to violin teachers with better hearing than the family dog. Is this true?

Dolby PL IIz - is this going to be viable to a soon-to-be 7.1 house?

Firmware upgradable.


Seems like the firmware would need to be upgraded on earlier editions.

Pioneer Elite VSX-23TXH


Advanced MCACC - this could still provide excellent HT results and seems to be quite user-tweakable(?) Can a user set a "created" EQ setting for each input?


Firmware upgraded by factory (or authorized repair facility? maybe?) It's unclear that Pioneer actually resolved much with firmware upgrades. What would dictate a firmware upgrade other than the iDevice integration issues I've read about?

Can you think of any other Pros or Cons for these two? Thanks for any contribution you are kind enough to make here.
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No one? To any owners of either of these, would you buy it again if you had it to do over?
i have the vsx 23, it is a solid performer. doesn't have the integration and bells of some of the newer receivers, but works good.

i have a denon 1611, with the basic audyssey, i like the the pio mcacc better. but i would like to try out the new xt32 audyssey??

i didn't pay retail for the vsx 23, so that makes it better to me.
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