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Kind of old news here, yeah, but some key points it misses or gets wrong:

It says Blockbuster is $9.99/month for one-disc-at-a-time. That's a limited time price and ONLY if you are coming from Netflix. The regular price is $11.99/month for 1 disc, or $16.99 for 2 discs (vs 9.99 and $14.99 for Netflix's plans, even after the Blu-ray charge). Basically they've temporarily lowered their prices to match Netflix, but only for current Netflix customers.

And it should be noted that if you're only interested in DVD (not Blu-ray), Netflix is still cheaper, even after the temporary BB price cut. BB will still be charging you $9.99, but Netflix will only be 7.99 for one disc. I doubt many here are only interested in DVD though.

While it does a good comparison between the disc-by-mail plans, it neglects to mention that Blockbuster tends to get more catalog releases on Blu-ray. I think Netflix is starting to catch up, as I've noticed more catalog titles becoming available (as they should if they are going to be charging more).

It also neglects to mention shipping issues. Unlike Netflix, I don't think Blockbuster processes returns or ships on Saturday (someone correct me if I'm wrong and they've started doing that). Netflix is nearly always 1 day shipping each way, while I believe it's pretty typical that Blockbuster shipping is about 2 days, as well as issues where they don't ship a movie the same day that they receive it. When I was a customer, Netflix was a 3 day turnaround (return day 1, they receive and ship day 2, I receive day 3), while Blockbuster was about a 5 day turnaround.

Other than that, I think it does a pretty good comparison.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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