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CNET Review

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CNet is featuring a review of the Tivo Series 2 on its front page today. What is especially interesting is that in the conclusion, it discusses the Replay 5080 as an alternative for tech types, but then states that the unit has dual tuners:

"Its only real competition among nonintegrated DVRs, the 80-hour ReplayTV 5080--available for $349 plus a $250 lifetime service fee--offers automatic commercial skipping and two tuners, which makes it easier for some users to watch and record different programs simultaneously. ReplayTV also lets you share files with other Replay owners (see our review of the 4504 model for details)."

While I am glad to see the mention, too bad that they couldn't get their facts straight.

Full article can be found here:



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Wow....they sure didn't have their facts straight. In addition to the 2-tuner ReplayTV model, they mentioned that the DishPVR 501 is a Tivo device, which it is not.
They must have pulled the review, cause there's only a summary there now.
That's why I always take what I read about products with a grain of salt.

The guys who write these things typically spend a few hours researching them before writing the review. it's just a job for them and not all of them do it well.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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