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I am trying to connect my Paradigm Sub 15 to my Anthem MRX 700 receiver.

The guys who did the prewiring did not terminate the wires.

They used Coaxial cables for subwoofer.

It is my understanding that I need Coaxial to RCA adapter.

It this correct?

Where can I find this connector?

I found BNC Female to RCA Male adapter at Monoprice.

Will these work?

Do they require a compression tool to connect to my coaxial cable?

I was all set to try out my new home theater and I had purchased banana plugs but I was not expecting coaxial wire for sub woofer so I am scrambling to find a good solution.


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Adapters do not require tools to employ as they attach to an already terminated line. Is your cable terminated and, if so, with what connector? F is more common than BNC but Radio Shack will have adapters to convert either one to RCA. If the cable end is raw and unterminated, you can probably get a connector that does not require a compression tool.
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