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COD4: Modern Warfare Info

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Yea its a writeup on the PC version but good info nonetheless..... Infinity Ward is doing this right!


Ever-grinning Infinity Ward president Grant Collier has put on his serious face. "Folks thought it would be Vietnam or Iraq, but nobody thought it would be a fictional conflict," he explains while revealing a snazzy T-shirt printed with a smart Call Of Duty 4 logo on the front and a battle scene on the back.

"There's sensitivity about the subject matter, but we don't want people to misunderstand what we're doing - it's absolutely not about the war in Iraq..."

As with Call Of Duty and Call Of Duty 2, PC ZONE has been invited to publisher Activision's UK HQ for the exclusive first look at the new Infinity Ward shooter - this time Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. We're just about to find out the closely-guarded secret setting of the new game, and you could say that we're a teensy bit excited.

"We really wanted to craft an enemy that would give the Western powers a stand-up fight," continues Collier. "COD for us is two sides with different advantages pitted against each other, but very evenly matched. A lot of the modern battles are very one-sided, so one team comes in and f***ing annihilates the other guy, then it's just insurgencies and mopping up - stuff that really isn't Call Of Duty and doesn't make for a fun game."


We settle down in the presentation room in front of a large hi-definition TV, displaying a pre-Alpha splash screen of the brand new Call Of Duty. So what is the 'Modern Warfare' in the game's title? Collier explains that they've created their own conflict, focusing on a main bad guy - a Russian ultra-nationalist called Zakhaev, who wants to bring back the Soviet Union in the style of his idol, the ruthless genocidal Stalin.

These are actions that would obviously have Boris Yeltsin turning in his recently-dug grave. Zakhaev is being backed by a significant group of dodgy Russian businessmen, mafia and military, so has a lot of meaty hardware at his disposal, which he promptly uses to start a civil war in his mother country. However, Zakhaev knows that the other world powers will eventually get involved in his little conflict, so he hatches a scheme to occupy the attack dog of the West, the USA.


"Everyone knows the Americans are a sucker for a conflict in the Middle East," says Collier, "so Zakhaev uses a buddy called Al-Asad to fund a coup in this nondescript Middle Eastern country. It's a trap, so the Americans get tied down and Zakhaev is ecstatic."

Meanwhile, the good ol' British, in the form of the SAS special forces, have been keeping tabs on Zakhaev for a long time, since the days when he was an arms dealer. They're in Russia undercover trying to find him, while gathering more intel by working with loyalist Russians to try and convince the US that the war in the Middle East is just a distraction.

So, the Yanks send the Marines' elite division, called Force Recon, to track down Al-Asad - eventually leading to the two storylines interweaving and meeting up in Russia. You ultimately have to track down and stop Zakhaev, Al-Asad and their two close associates (known collectively as 'The Four Horsemen') before the world is plunged into a catastrophic global conflict where nukes are involved.


"COD4 takes place over 30 days, and we really want it to play out like an episode of 24 - we're working with TV writers who understand how to get a strong, episodic storyline going," says Collier. "We're able to have continuous characters throughout the game while being able to change locations. In previous games we changed locations through the various campaigns, but you lost contact with all the characters from that storyline. And besides Price and McGregor, do you really remember any of the characters from Call Of Duty? No. Our goal is for you to really get to know these characters, to have an attachment to them, and at the end of the game, remember them."

As with other Call Of Duty games, the first level begins with training - this time in an SAS warehouse filled with a plywood ship, as Price (yes, he's back) yells instructions, teaching you how to aim down the sights and so on. However, Grant Collier starts the action with the first proper mission, as you and your three-man SAS team rappel from a helicopter onto a ship at night, in rough seas, with a horde of angry ultra-nationalist Russians looking for a fight.


The scene is one of a constantly swaying ship in a storm, with rain and sea spray lashing the deck, as you machine-gun your way past enemies and through some containers to gain access inside. Lightning flashes and briefly lights up the action, as you witness your support helicopter hover down and send a volley of mini-gun fire through the windows of the bridge above, killing everyone inside in a shower of bullets and glass.

You're kept constantly updated over voice-comms, and make your way to a ship door as your AI team-mates kick it in and storm inside, allowing you to systematically take enemies down - including those asleep in their bunks. Shoot a pipe and gas leaks from the bullet holes, while enemies recoil and fall realistically down stairs or slump against other moving objects - Call Of Duty 4 has a fully-realised proprietary physics system. If you're shot, the screen begins to turn red and if it's bad, you hear your heart beating, which as in COD2, signals that it's time to find cover and drop back from the action until your health returns to normal.

Yes, this is the Call Of Duty we know and love, but it's much faster, with more realistic animation and liquid-smooth visuals whizzing past at a solid 60-frames-per-second.

There's a brief lull in the chaotic action, and I ask Collier if this new Call Of Duty is a bona fide PC shooter despite the multi-format release? "Yes - there are things you have to do across all platforms, but we want to be the best shooter on PC and all formats. There are a number of advantages on the PC side - you're going to have mouse/keyboard, dedicated servers, higher player count and the visual quality is much better on high-end systems."

Were Infinity Ward aware that PC gamers were annoyed when Call Of Duty 3 didn't make it to PC?

"We know people were aggrieved, but COD3 wasn't made by us - it was a console developer who made a console game. COD4 is being released two years from the finish of COD2, as COD2 was two years from COD. If a game comes out every year, it isn't going to be as amazing."

Next up is one of the first US missions, which begins with an obvious homage to the 'Ride Of The Valkyries' helicopter attack from Apocalypse Now, with a dozen or so Black Hawks flying in over a very detailed Middle Eastern town, as ground-to-air missiles roar up from ground level, snaking smoky trails behind them. You hastily rappel down into the dusty urban sprawl with the other troops - some of your fellows begin constructing barbed wire defences, while you commence intense street-to-street fighting, throwing the new flashbang grenades into rooms and clearing them of stunned enemies.

"Our art director Richard Kriegler has really helped improve the quality of the artwork across the board. One example is when he asked the programmers to create a post-processing effect engine, so he can now take sliders and change the time of day or the lighting to create different moods. So in these hot, dusty levels, it looks really washed out and desaturated, such as in films like Saving Private Ryan."

The US Marines' Force Recon squads are larger than the four-man teams you have in the SAS levels, and rather than being used for quick infiltration and clandestine missions, they storm in guns-blazing and lay down the law. As before, AI soldiers point the way towards objectives, and you have multiple paths through the levels, but Collier asserts that COD4 isn't a 'sandbox' game.

"We get knocked unfairly for being too linear - we spent a lot of time in COD2 trying to open it up. With our save system, it goes back 10-15 seconds before you die rather than at the start of the level - if we did the latter, you'd see how much choice you get during levels, but we don't want to punish the player. We want to keep it moving forwards so you feel like you're playing a movie.

"We do spend a lot of time crafting the cinematic moments because they can be seen from multiple directions - we never know where the player is going to be looking. So we have to really pack in the eye candy and you should feel the intensity..."


On to another Middle Eastern level, and this time you and the Force Recon squad have to rescue an M1A1 Abrams tank and work alongside it through the tight streets. The action gets more chaotic when the tank rolls over a car, crushing it in real-time, and you enter an area teeming with Al-Asad's soldiers, armed to the teeth with automatic weapons, grenades and RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades, not copies of Diablo).

Explosions now have a physical shock wave - walls collapse sending rubble and dust particles into the air and vehicles can be shot to pieces and will blow up if damaged enough. You can now pick up grenades that have been thrown at you and chuck them back as well, with access to tear gas and flashbangs as well as smoke and frag grenades. The ballistics and impact of every weapon have been accurately modelled too, allowing you to use, say, a heavy machine gun to shoot through walls and ceilings to kill bad guys.


Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has really improved visually, as you would expect for any new next-gen game, so you'll be seeing realistic foliage in the Russian levels, gorgeous rippling water, birds and butterflies flying around. If the beautiful terrain wasn't populated with mad Commie terrorists trying to kill you with rocket launchers, you'd believe it was a sneak-peak at a new Elder Scrolls game. Also, to aid your immersion, Infinity Ward have gone further by reducing the amount of HUD information than in other Call Of Duty games - they've got rid of the mini-map in single-player, and information on weapon choice pops up then fades away quickly.

In the final level we got to look at, your character and the Force Recon soldiers go into an area deep in Al-Asad territory to find a crashed helicopter, at night, in hugely dangerous, boggy wasteland littered with war debris and derelict buildings. As with all the levels, it begins with a satellite view of the terrain, which then zooms in quickly to show the battle landscape at eye level, like a military Google Earth.

Amid the intense fighting, Collier demonstrates the night-vision goggles that give you a bright green-eyed view of the ensuing chaos, allowing you to spot targets easily in the darkness.

"We've created new technology to emulate what the human eye sees, so we've looked through real night vision, filmed through night vision, compared the two and then modified it. We've found that eyes and cameras are very different. Also, there's a depth of field system, so when you're staring at someone down a sight, they're in fine detail, but in peripheral vision, you don't really have them full focus. We don't want people to notice, we just want it to feel natural."

Collier also shows the same dark building interiors without night vision, to show how another subtle visual effect is used to further convince the player that what you're seeing is real. "When people move about in low-level light, the human eye can actually pick that up, unless it's pitch black.

Rim lighting is a faint outline of the characters in the darkness, so people can have fun in dark levels, without having to crank up the gamma settings on their monitor."

To finish, we're shown one of the most impressive first-person shooter weapons I've ever seen - a massive rocket launcher that, when picked up, allows you to electronically tag your distant target using the weapon's HUD, then unleash a truly devastating explosion that rocks the environment and kills any living matter within the radius of the fire storm.


Call Of Duty is back. Modern Warfare looks and feels like a Call Of Duty game, but in today's world, complete with blinding pace, terrifying weaponry and state-of-the-art technology. "You've got that intelligent squad surrounding you, you've got intense firefights where you might get pinned down or you might get flanked," adds Collier. "We really want the player to teeter back and forth between feeling like you're crushing these guys, to feeling like, 'Oh my god, I'm so f***ed'!"

The pacing will also be much more varied than Call Of Duty 2, where the action was ramped up to 11 for most of the levels. "You'll be in Russia doing some spy-type stuff in camouflage suits, then you'll head to the Middle East with squad warfare supported by helicopters, then become a gunner on an attack helicopter, then back to Russia protecting a defector from Zakhaev. COD4 even has back-story missions where you go back 15 years in time for a Highlander-style flashback."

With exciting multiplayer modes already well on the way and a single-player campaign that follows the same characters through big trademark action set-pieces in different locations, we're excited. Team this with realistic lighting, AI, weapon ballistics, true physics, mo-cap animation and more gear such as tear gas and thermal goggles, and COD4: Modern Warfare could condemn other shooter franchises stuck in WWII to the history books.
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More info!


Release Date:

- November 2007, no exact date yet


- Experince Based Progression

- Unlockable Player Customization

- Unlockable Weapon Customization

- Unlockable Equipment

- Ability to call in airstrikes

- Ability to man Vehicles

- Ranks are sorted as experience-based progressions

Single Player:

- Ability to fly aircraft at some point

- All Cut Scenes in 1st Person

- Episodic Storyline

- Missions split into days

- Very cinematic feel

- British SAS playable

- U.S. Marine Corps 'Force Recon' playable

- Captain Price is back!!

- Slimmed down HUD

- Will spawn 15 seconds after death


- IW in-house engine, possible with rag doll effect

- Incredible Physics

- Destructible Environment

- Fast load times

- Rim Lighting

- Depth of Field

- Ability to shoot through some materials

- Accurate Nigh Vision

- "Eyes" adjust to light over time

- 60fps


- Night Vision Goggles

- Thermal Goggles

- Tear Gas Grenades

- Flashbangs

- Fragmentation Greande

- M4A1 Assault Rifle

- AK-74 Assault Rifle

- Rocket Propelled Grenade

- Laser Targeted high explosive weapon of sorts


- Middle East, some sort of city

- Middle East, some sort of boggy wasteland

- Russia, unknown specific locations


- Al-Asad (Middle Eastern Enemy Leader)

- Zakhaev (Russian Enemy Leader)

- Russian Nationalists

- Middle Eastern (Well-backed) Insurgents of sorts

- British SAS

- U.S Marine Corps 'Force Recon'


- PS3

- Xbox360

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We know people were aggrieved, but COD3 wasn't made by us - it was a console developer who made a console game.

That actually gives me hope for #4. COD3 was probably the worst console game I've played for such a big franchise.

Originally Posted by LynxFX /forum/post/0

That actually gives me hope for #4. COD3 was probably the worst console game I've played for such a big franchise.

So glad to hear it from someone else - I thought that I was crazy in thinking that 2 was so much better than 3. Even the graphics were meh.
Glad to hear IW leans towards PC development, though I've heard COD2 ran like a dog on even decent systems.
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Originally Posted by withnail /forum/post/0

So glad to hear it from someone else - I thought that I was crazy in thinking that 2 was so much better than 3. Even the graphics were meh.

Heh, I liked COD3. It had it's quirks and bugs (quite a few of both), but I still liked it.

I thought the autoaim feature when you zoomed in was a bit too strong though.

My favorite weapon was the german Kar98 (or whatever). The bolt action rifle. That thing packs a punch!
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Lots of leaked info on COD4..... Flying an AC-130 gunship sounds like a blast and on-line cooperative play with up to 3 on-line friends rocks too.


Here were some of there Name Ideas: Call of Duty 4, Infinity Ward's Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare: Call of Duty, Rules of Engagement A Call of Duty Game, Call of Duty: Turning Point , Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty 4: Rules of Engagement, Infinity Ward Presents: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Conflict, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,

Listed below are several gameplay features that may be included in the new Call of Duty game when it is released.

On-Line Cooperative Play: Play the single-player missions as a team with up to 3 on-line friends.

Helicopter Gameplay: Dominate the battlefield from above by piloting a Cobra attack helicopter. Race into combat onboard the latest in modern military helicopters piloted by both AI and the player, and annihilate the enemy using rockets, missiles and chain guns.

Variety of Challenging Mission Objectives: Rescue captured hostages, photograph dead bodies to identify targets, infiltrate enemy positions, rescue downed allies in enemy territory, and many more.

Modern Battlefield Technology: Your soldier's heads up display features a satellite GPS, which displays -in real time - the true lay of the land. You'll be able to see terrain, enemies, and objectives all at a glance within your GPS display.

Split Screen Multiplayer: Play splitscreen with up to three of your friends to join games over system link or Xbox live. A team on your couch can play a team anywhere across the world.

Online match making: Jump straight into an online game with your friends without having to navigate a complicated server browser. At any time, you're only one click away from an intense online modern day battle.

D-Day on the Modern Battlefield: Watch as your armada of helicopters charges over the rooftops of a bombed-out urban hell, while ground fire and RPGs streak past the open door of your helicopter. Fast-rope down to the streets through a cyclone of choking sand and dust with your Marine platoon and engage the enemy in unrelenting battle.

Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment: Your experience will be heart-pounding and intense regardless of your initial skill level or experience. The level of challenge dynamically adjusts during the game to your game style and ability as you play. Just when you think you're outsmarting your enemies, they'll surprise you by improving their own tactics. There will be a veteran mode where you can force the game to stay extremely difficult.

Objective-based multiplayer: Capture and hold strategic hardpoints in each map to give your team the edge. Survey the area with satellite radar, re-supply your men with fresh ammo, and bomb your enemy off the map using tactical artillery strikes.

Next-Generation Multiplayer Battlefield: Physically alter the environment to your strategic advantage. Open up new flanking routes by blowing through walls and doors. Knock down bridges, close off roads, and blast buildings into rubble. Chuck a demolition pack in the window and take cover as a shower of debris and shrapnel comes flying out followed by the frantic screams of your foes. Move furniture and vehicles to block doors and seal up windows with chicken wire to repel enemy grenades.

Ambient Life: The battlefield becomes more real as animals with their own AI exist in the game where they would in reality. As you storm the apartment building dogs are barking, some get loose and run away, some might attack. Your convoy is blocked by a herd of sheep crossing the road. The farmland has cows that react to the battle. If the birds are in the trees you know there has been no firing recently.

Split-Screen Cooperative Play: Play the single-player missions as a team with a friend on the same couch.

Global War: Take the fight to the enemy in an epic war across the Middle East, board and storm ships in the North Atlantic, engage in heavy urban combat through the streets of Eastern Europe, and assault terrorist cells in London.

Persistent Stat Tracking: As you compete with your friends, you'll rise in rank and unlock over 50 new weapons and pieces of equipment including armor, explosives, and new grenade load outs. These stats are tracked persistently via online servers.

Cutting Edge Modern Arsenal: With the help of actual Marines and SAS operatives, all of the weapons in this new Call of Duty game have been painstakingly researched and replicated in game, bringing to life the ultimate war experience. Go into battle equipped with the latest generation of assault rifles and tactical explosives, including .50 caliber sniper rifles, M-249 SAW machine guns, Claymore mines, laser sights for your rifle or submachine gun, flashbang grenades, and automatic grenade launchers. Own the night, using thermal and night vision goggles to hunt down the enemy through smoke, sand, dust and darkness.

Upgradeable Weapons: In multiplayer, upgrade your weapons by adding attachments such as scopes, laser sights and larger ammo magazines. Customizable camouflage schemes allow you to blend into the background and become that much more deadly.

Downloadable Content: For a small fee, download new maps to expand the battlefield, weapons to increase your arsenal, and achievements to extend the challenge.

Combat from the skies: In modern warfare, you command the air support. Laser paint strategic targets for strikes from F-16s, A-10s and Longbows. Coordinate attacks with your Marine Air Support units - if the situation gets too hot, call in the Cobras and Harriers to suppress enemy positions, eliminate hostile tanks, or simply level entire buildings.

Destructible Environments: In multiplayer, blow through walls and cover using high-caliber weaponry. You'll open up new flanking routes by blasting through walls and doors, and destroy buildings and bridges to halt enemy movement.

Advanced Hostage AI: Face the challenge of rescuing hostages from enemies that will use them as human shields. Test your precision and nerve by taking out the enemies before they can eliminate the innocents.

Customize your loadout: In multiplayer, choose your characters weapon and gear loadout to suit different types of engagements. For covert operations, you'll need night vision and dark clothing, but for a daytime assault, you'll want to load up on extra body armor and as much ammo as you can carry.

AC-130 Gunship: Rain death from above at the gunnery controls of AC-130 Gunship flying high above the ground. Utilize night vision and thermal imaging as you attack with advanced weapons such as 40mm cannons and 25mm Gatling guns that can fire up to 1,800 rounds per minute. Take out enemy targets from so far away that they cannot see you.

Interconnected Storyline: Be drawn into a story of global conflict and epic confrontation from the Mid-East to European Cities and the Steppes of Russia. All of the missions are tied together in one overarching storyline and seamless connect through game play with no load screens.

Living Battlefield: The battlefield changes around you as you fight through each hotspot. Dust, smoke, debris and fire will obscure your vision and create an unprecedented sense of depth in the environment.

Truly authentic battlefield: Civilians live in the world and the rules of engagement are in effect. A family evacuates their home as firing breaks out, trying to get to their car, but is gunned down by enemy fire. You hear a noise in the room ahead, but you can't just throw a grenade first if their might be civilians.

Elite Mercenaries: Do battle against highly trained, highly organized enemy soldiers. Match your skills, and the skills of your comrades, against battle-hardened professionals such as ex-Spetznaz mercenaries. For instance, while you cover the door and window they could flank behind the building and use C4 to blow a hole in the wall and charge your position.

High Speed Tactics: Experience intense close-quarters urban combat in the way that only Call of Duty can deliver. Supported by your well-trained squad, rappel down the walls of enemy strongholds, blast out the locks with your shotgun, and then clear the rooms using tear gas grenades, flashbangs, and silenced MP-5 submachine guns.
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Activision announcement. Its going to be a great Fall for CoD fans.


Santa Monica, CA - May 25, 2007 - Grab your flashbangs and prepare to break cover for the most intense and cinematic Call of Duty experience ever as Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) and Infinity Ward today confirmed development of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The new action-thriller from the award-winning creators of the Call of Duty series will arm gamers with the most advanced and powerful arsenal of modern day firepower to fight a new war in the world's most treacherous hotspots.

"Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the most intense, visceral title we've ever created," says Jason West, co-studio head and project lead, Infinity Ward. "The single player campaign is a well-paced, non-stop action experience. As the story unfolds, the player is introduced to new gameplay at every turn - one moment you are fast-roping from your Black Hawk helicopter after storming into the war zone with an armada of choppers, the next you are a sniper, under concealment, in a Ghillie suit miles behind enemy lines, the next you are engaging hostiles from an AC-130 gunship thousands of feet above the battlefield."

Mixed with explosive action, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare also delivers amazing special effects, including use of depth of field, rim-lighting, character self-shadowing, real time post-processing, texture streaming as well as physics-enabled effects to enlist players into the most photo-realistic gaming experience. Combined with Call of Duty's award-winning audio design, players will face war as never before.

In addition to single player, Infinity Ward has deployed a dedicated team from the start to deliver a new level of depth to multiplayer. Building on the hit Call of Duty 2 online experience, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's new multiplayer is set to provide the community an addictive and accessible experience to gamers of all levels.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is in development for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION3 computer entertainment system, and Windows PC. The title is scheduled for release this fall and has not yet been rated by the ESRB.

Players anxious to answer the call can visit www.charlieoscardelta.com for additional information and exclusive updates.
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Can't wait for this game.
This is looking damn good. http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=77666

When you see a guy running around in his urban camo with a camo weapon, you're gonna know that guy is a real badass." These are the words of Grant Collier, Infinity Ward president and the man in charge of ditching the successful WWII setting of the Call of Duty series and leading the fourth game into a terrifying near-future setting, already occupied by Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon.

IMG] http://i9.tinypic.com/4kmk2rn.jpg[/IMG ]

There are no antique firearms here, just high-tech assault rifles, thermal goggles and enough pocket-size explosives to kill a planet. The custom camo that Grant talks about is an unlockable extra, which along with the custom gamertags, will let you know that you're dealing with a professional killer and one who's likely to snipe you from 200ft without breaking a sweat.

The brilliant bonus of the Call of Duty series has always been the great multiplayer mode in addition to the single-player game and Infinity Ward realises that it's picked up an increasingly skilled fan-base along the way. "We're really focusing on getting novice players into Call of Duty - a lot of people think that it's just for the hardcore," says Collier. "There's a lot of new people that want to get in but they're overwhelmed with all the options and we're trying to take care of that." The main method of welcoming new players is keeping things simple, until lessons are learned. "When someone starts off, they'll have just a few guns and, as they get kills, they'll unlock the rest of the weapons," Collier explains, before admitting that there's plenty for the trigger-happy veterans, gasping to get to grips with the new world of Call of Duty.

Part Under Siege, part Metal Gear Solid 2 - the opening scenes see you storm a boat via a rapidly swaying chopper.

"For the hardcore, there's unlockable extra skins that they can have for the weapons and custom gamertags." Aware that there's an increasing base of online ninjas who stalk Xbox Live and log an incredible amount of playtime, he stresses that downloads and levels are now a modern-day necessity. "For the gamers that don't have jobs, and burn through the game, we'll add extra levels and downloadable content too." The multiplayer development team is actually the same team that worked on the first and second instalments of the series. "The multiplayer team has been working on the game since day one and they had multiplayer up and running within three months," says Collier.

Set across the US, the Middle-East and Russia, Call of Duty 4 isn't afraid of touching on contemporary political points which references to everything from the war in Iraq to aeroplane-based terrorism (watch the trailer on EGTV and you'll see a team storm a 747). "We want the game to play out like an entire series of 24," says Collier as he introduces a night mission which sees a barely visible wet terrain observed through thermal goggles, streaks of white sniper light scanning for targets. The panicked vocals, sheer amount of activity and no-holds barred combat make the single-player game alone a frightening prospect.

Get inside the boat and you'll experience the gritty close range kills that take the Call of Duty series into a more modern and realistic setting - forget the plastic WWII toy soldiers.

In multiplayer, things will be much worse but when asked whether Call of Duty 4 will bring together the warring factions of bespectacled PC clans and trash-talking Xbox Live users, Collier says no. "We've explored the option of Xbox Live players playing with PC players and we're not really interested in doing it," he says. "We really like the fact that on Xbox 360, you've got a stable platform, so you don't have to have a Quad Core PC with 5GB of RAM to compete." Questioned about the differences between platforms in terms of online play, Collier says the PC will have more online options. "There will be small differences between each of the platforms - on PC you can have dedicated servers that are on a fast pipe where you'll get more players. With player counts, there's 32 on PC and between 12 and 16 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3."

Watching the action on Xbox 360, Infinity Ward has created the best-looking Xbox 360 FPS yet, and -until we see hard evidence that Halo 3 looks much better than the recent beta - it's going to turn heads. The characters themselves look incredible with worn facial expressions, glinting weapons and shadows so realistic that weapons even cast shadows on the texture-rich limbs of soldiers. "Players didn't really remember anyone from the other games, apart from Price," says Collier. Inevitably then, the push to make soldiers more recognisable has led to Price returning to the SAS and Delta teams. Moonlighter.

The Middle-East warzone is just begging to be torn apart - walls fall down, cover splinters inches from your back and the enemy isn't so much tactical as completely fearless.

Where Call of Duty 4 differs from Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon, however, is in the stylish, cinematic execution of each level. One minute you're stealthing around a Metal Gear-style boat in a storm, the next you're in the Middle-East, picking off enemies through the thick desert haze. There's realism but a sense of fun - take cover against a brick wall and it will rapidly crumble when enemy fire pins you down, forcing a move to the next hiding place. All the weapons in the game are real, too, and it's refreshing to blow walls apart with a shotgun - the unashamed gun-porn ethic of Black can be found alive and well in Call of Duty 4. Every shot, reload and click of an empty chamber sounds perfect. At a time when Halo 3 is fighting the intergalactic space-war single-handed, Infinity Ward has seen Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon and realised that they're not so much easy targets as sitting ducks in the world of big-name FPS games.

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I just hope there is voice chat. It should be a no brainer with any next gen title, but games like COD3 and FEAR did not have it.
Why is Triple H in this game? LOL.

Anyway, I hope that this is better than 3. Specifically, the movement aspect. COD3 made me sick to play because of the motion. So chaotic with no real sense of where you were supposed to go or what to do. I couldn't even play past the first level because I felt like I was going to puke every time I turned it on. Finally sold it on Ebay.

Loved COD2 on the 360, though.
that's just it. almost everyone here hated cod3 (not me though). so why do you think cod4 will be better?
This is going to be a fantastic game! Cant wait!!!
Glad to hear it will offer co-op on-line.

Originally Posted by instantpop /forum/post/0

Why is Triple H in this game? LOL.

Anyway, I hope that this is better than 3. Specifically, the movement aspect. COD3 made me sick to play because of the motion. So chaotic with no real sense of where you were supposed to go or what to do. I couldn't even play past the first level because I felt like I was going to puke every time I turned it on. Finally sold it on Ebay.

Loved COD2 on the 360, though.

Do you get disoriented?

I get that once in a while when a battle is very chaotic & confused. Only happened on resistance. Not on COD3. I actually liked COD3.

Originally Posted by joe_six_pack /forum/post/0

Do you get disoriented?

I get that once in a while when a battle is very chaotic & confused. Only happened on resistance. Not on COD3. I actually liked COD3.

Not really. Every other FPS I have played never really made me motion sick. I understand that war is frenetic and chaotic, but I thought Resistance conveyed that very well in several levels and I never got nauseous playing that. Didn't have the problem with COD2 on the 360, either.

Originally Posted by talbain /forum/post/0

that's just it. almost everyone here hated cod3 (not me though). so why do you think cod4 will be better?

COD3 and COD4 are totally different games. Completely different developers and about 65 years apart. COD4 will be leaps and bounds over COD3.

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Not really. Every other FPS I have played never really made me motion sick. I understand that war is frenetic and chaotic, but I thought Resistance conveyed that very well in several levels and I never got nauseous playing that. Didn't have the problem with COD2 on the 360, either.

Might be the frame rate issues? i dont know. You're not the first person to have reported it with this game though.
You should crosspost all this great information in the Microsoft and PC forums where more gamers will get to see it Cysquatch.
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