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I have the motorola 6416 pvr and remote and would like to program in the old sony tv I have. It is model KV 13TR14 and teh associated remote is RM 780. I have tried the default codes listed on the www.urcsupport.com site and expanded the search from the default 0000 code to an additional 30 or so more. I have tried to input the channel up feature on teh 6416 remote for a long time but it is not working. This is an old tv and I am hoping someone might know the code for this tv.


From speaking with service rep they instructed me to try code 975 to get the pvr remote into learning mode, from there I was able to program in via learning mode the volume up/down channel up/down individual channel numbers etc. on the sony tv. I cannot get the on/off function to work in this manner though. Any assistance to get the on/off code from the sony tv into the pvr remote by any means would be appreciated.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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