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I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-53 receiver and a Denon 1913 receiver. I have them both connected to my home network via Ethernet cable.

Hooked the Denon up first and everything worked fine for awhile. Able to connect to my pc and Pandora. However, after a period of time all kinds of strange things happened such as volume would get louder by itself. It would change channels, etc. It was like it was possessed. When I unhook the Ethernet cable every thing returns to normal. Originally was thinking that the lan connection for my denon receiver was defective.

Then I went and hooked up my Pioneer Elite receiver and it would play for a period of time, and for no reason it would just randomly stop working. Everything shows that it's powered on but no matter what input I put it on nothing plays also no video output. However, once I unplug the Ethernet cable from the lan connection, everything goes back to normal and working fine.

Any suggestions? I'm assuming it's my internet connection, but what could be causing this? Any ideas?
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