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I have been assigned the task by my employer to find a company suited to setting up a streaming content television controlled by a local PC.

We need to find a company that can set up the computer to display an excel file (or similar) which can be updated on the fly by multiple different people (a collaborative real time editor if you will).

We would like to get a company to come in that can do everything, TV install, PC install, and cabling, but the hard part is finding someone who can set up the collaborative real time editing software. So it might require two different companies to make this happen, but we need to make it happen. I've been told that money is no object (although I'm sure that's a lie). We are located in Forest, VA. I would like to get several quotes from any companies that could complete this task. Your help in finding any capable companies or other general ideas would be greatly appreciated! Mods please move my post if I'm in the wrong forum.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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