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Five Hughes/JVC ILA-340S Projectors, plus quite a few spare 2K lamp housings, 2K lamps, boards, ILA panels, Prisms etc.

These are in north central Texas, just north of Ft. Worth. All projectors are on rollaround carts, with 3:1 lenses. All are high-time and have been upgraded several times. Most are good for parts only, or there are probably enough parts to build one or two good ones. They were originally BNSF Railroad command center projectors. They show as Super Contract (SC) models, but don't appear to have the 1/4 wave plates on any of the ILAs.

I obtained them in a swap, got one working ok, then ended up working out of town for 2+ years, which seems likely to continue, so these need a new home. The lamps and housings are probably worth more than the asking price. The projectors and spares fill a 1-car garage bay, so you'll need a pretty big trailer. They're dusty from storage. Seems a shame to scrap them. The optics are amazing, mostly Leitz, including the collimators and projection lenses.

Feel free to give me a call. I'd like to unload the entire lot as one winner-take-all load. Make an offer. I need the space back! If you're not familiar with these projectors, they were incredible for their time, huge beasts that heat your home in the winter. They have quite a history. I was fortunate enough to see the unveiling of the very first one in Dallas, by the Hughes engineering team. They blew everyone away by projecting 'True Lies' through a prototype Faroudja line quadrupler. Awesome! Took all the CRT guys totally by surprise. An ILA-12K provided the first Star Wars digital cinema experience.

It's like owning a quadruplex VTR, if you're old enough to remember such things, or five of them. . .


817-905-8434 cell

[email protected]
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