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College Football on HD Net Today

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Once again, HD Net puts the major networks to shame. Even if you're not interested in the teams, flip over for a moment and look at how brilliantly sharp the game looks. It's just staggering. Compared to this, CBS games look pretty soft, at least on my set. Congrats to HD Net on another great job!
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I am really amazed at how big of a difference there is. CBS HD just plain looks like DVD quality! Plus the camara work is horrible compared to HDNET. To be fair HDNET camara work has missed the ball carrier a couple of times and has had a few bugaboos with the switching. BUT it is so much easier to follow.

Watching CBS HD after watching the HDNET game just makes me say "why bother?" It makes my stomach turn to follow it.

Way to go HDNET. Another scoop. Lets hope for some more HDNET football!

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I much prefer the SD windows for replays used by HDNet rather than mixing SD and HD material as CBS does. I get CBS via a rather long path (network to local, local to satellite, satllite to home) and this may have something to do with the PQ, but HDNet is much better technically.

You'd think ABC could figure a way to do MNF if SWT and McNeese can play in HD! Hey Mark could you lease ABC a truck and then convert to 720p at the output?

Al Keown
This is how much better I find HD-HBO to be compared to the networks also.
Yeah, I'm really enjoying this broadcast, even though I've never even heard of these teams before! We don't get CBS-HD here, so this is the first HD football I've seen. Awesome PQ.

I can't wait until I'm watching HD NFL football. When we just signed up for DirecTV, they gave us this great deal - $45 per month for 4 months of the platinum package PLUS NFL Sunday Ticket. Too bad the PQ is so bad on the games, though. It's gonna be really hard to watch those games after seeing this one here today.

Thanks, HDNet!

I'm sure many people have emailed Mark Cuban and Charlie from Dish Network to work out a deal, so I will just state here that I hope they do soon!

Bob C
I was only able to watch the first 15 minutes, but it looked great to me! I've never seen football in HD before (unless you count the Bills and Jets on the old DirecTV demo loop :) )
Awesome !!! Great Job Dudes :)
I didn't notice any big difference in picture quality between CBS & HDNet. They both look great.

The biggest difference to me was the full use of the 16:9 screen. On CBS, they use the same cameras for their 4:3 SDTV broadcast, so they optimize the camera work for low res 4:3. HDNet is filming for HD, so they make use of the whole screen area.

It wasn't perfect, they need to pull out a bit on some shots. But, I'm sure it will improve as they get more football experience.
I missed it, any chance of seeing this within the weeks to come? Also, Is there any chance of seeing Baseball( probably not the post season, but maybe a full game replay)? I had to write a 20 page paper today, and I plan to rip into my teacher on monday.

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