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Color depth is wrong since I installed a Zektor DVS5.1

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The color depth on my Sony VPL-HS10 projector is reduced when I run a DVI connection through the Zektor DVI Video Switch 5.1 (DVS5.1). The effect is difficult to describe except to say it looks there is 256 colors on screen versus the millions it should be displaying. The issue seems to happen on both my TiVo and my DVD player (both HDCP devices)

Has anyone experienced this before or have an idea as to what it may be?

I've sent the issue off to Zektor, but given they are M-F/8-5 company, I'm not expecting a response until Tuesday or Wednesday.

As for the issue, the Zektor is preserving the HDCP on both TiVo and the Samsung 931 DVD player (Confirmed in the system info of the TiVo). I don't appear to have lost any resolution. Just the color depth.

Between the the Zektor and the Sony projector I am using a 10m cable. Given the distance, I suspected the 10m cable so I moved the projector and tested with a 2m cable to no better effect.

Switch: Zektor DVS5.1

Projector: Sony VPL-HS10 (about 1800 hrs -- with ~800hours on second bulb)

Tuner: Hughes HDR250 (with the supplied HDMI -> DVI cable)

DVD Player: Samsung HD931

Cable configs:

Switch -> Projector: 10m Dual Link DVI cable

Tuner -> Switch: 1m HDMI -> DVI cable

DVD -> Switch: 2m Dual Link DVI cable

Thanks in advance for help / info.

PS, this is my first post (at least I think it is), so please excuse me if said or did anything improper.

PPS, the attached image is an example of the reduced colors. It is most noticable in the trees in the background.
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Welcome to the forums. Suggest trying (or going back to) component, either YPbPr or RGBHV, through the Zektor. There are lots of variations in results from folks using DVI or HDMI for their displays. I've seen similar comments indicating a reduction in color or related complaints. The main advantage of DVI, an all-digital path, usually applies to plasma and DLP displays. Yours uses LCD panels. Some types of all-digital LC displays are pending, as this post outlines. -- John
Thanks for the response. The thread you posted made for an interesting read.

I'm not 100% convinced that quirkiness of DVI on LCD displays is the cause of my problem yet. Pardon, I'm really hoping that isn't the issue because I can't do anything about it.

In my above post I failed to mention that I have used DVI without the Zektor switch and it works peachy.

I've thought of three things it could be:

1) The DVI cabling isn't up to spec or the long distance is affecting it (I've mentioned this earlier so I won't go into details)

2) The compatibility of the Zektor and the Sony is not 100% (as you indicated, DVI on LCD could be a bad thing)

This seems nebulous. I can't think of a clear way to identify this as it only happens with the Zektor and I would have to test the switch on a DVI DLP projector.

3) The Zektor is faulty.

Hopefully Zektor tech support can help me identify if there is an issue with the unit.

Any other ideas anyone? As much as I'd love to upgrade to the latest and greatest projector... I've been really happy with VPL-HS10 so far and I'd really like to get to at least 3000 hours out of it before canning it. Conversely, I like the idea of maintaining the digital path as long as possible so I'd rather not default to component switching.
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Found perhaps similar problems with YPbPr into my older Zektor. With ~6 foot cables for both the Zektor input and connection to my CRT RPTV, I was getting image breakup for higher frequencies (fine details fluttered on screen). Changing the Zektor input cables to 1-ft lengths cured the problems. Guess that's 40'+ total DVI plus the Zektor's impedance; seems like a long run, but haven't followed DVI results that closely here. -- John
I was about ready to go hunting for a 1m DVI cable when Zektor tech support got a hold of me. They indicated the symptoms are that of a "stuck bit" on the main board. So it's off to the manufacture today. It's not a guarantee that it's the solution, but it's one I can readily act on.

I really appreciate you help on the issue. Thanks again.

Oh and thank you Zektor for the fast tech support.
I have had my zektor DVI Video Switch 5.1 (DVS5.1) for about a week, connecting voom, bravo D1 and htpc (ati 9800 pro) all with ac3 and everything is great so far!
Is this what you are describing? I have a Zektor Switching between an HD Tivo, a Hughes DirecTV (non TIVO) receiver, a Denon 3910, and an HTPC. The HD TIVO doesn't look like the rest of them.

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non TIVO HD box:
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Yeah, I was worried that the issue was exclusive to the TiVo and that this might be the dreaded HDMI bug.

However, the photo I attached in my initial post was on the Samsung HD931 DVD player.

Since the TiVo was an unknown factor, I did most of my testing on the DVD player.

The TiVo picture quality was worse than the Samsung (there was some noise on the screen). That I am assuming is just the TiVo being a sensitive signal. (That's a guess BTW)
I just wanted to post an update.

I got the switch back from Zektor about a week ago and it has been performing like a champ since then. I am noticing some artifacts (pixel flickers occasionally on computer text). I'm thinking that's because I have long (10m) low quality DVI cable that is the home run to the projector which when combined with the switch is degrading the signal too much.

Zektor was very helpful and got my switch back to me before I got too antsy.

On the whole, my experience has been positive and

I would definitely recommend their products.
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Good to hear retief. Thanks for the update. I have the DVS5.1S sitting in the box here waiting for the rest of my components. I was hoping you were going to get a positive result and that I wasn't going to have to send it back :( . I really like the Zektor compared to the other DVI choices. Did you go for the Silver or the Black :p. I'm glad Zektor took care of you and things worked out.
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