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I've had the SXRD 60XBR2 since November 2006. On the Avia gray screens (30 IRE and up) I notice a greenish tinge on most of the screen with a purplish tinge in the bottom left quadrant. It is not as obvious as the green blob which plagued the XBR1, but it is evident. I have read on this forum that others are having a similar problem with the A2000 and even the XBR2. Does anyone else see these conditions on their 60XBR2 using Avia or DVE disks? Hopefully, I just have a unique problem which can be corrected. A service technician is coming to my place on Thursday.

Thanks, everyone.

PS I am not a troll. I think the XBR2 is the best available overall television, I just want a trouble-free one considering the high expense.
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