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Color wheel for HP XP8010

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Hello! I know the projector is old but it does the job. Well it did until the color wheels broke down. I need some help locating the right wheels. According the manual "dual colour wheel technology with 4 segment (RGBW) data and 6 segment (RGBRGB) video colour wheels" i need those. Can i just buy one 6 segment RGBRGB to watch movies or i need both ? Also can you point me to the right wheel ? Thanks!
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That's 16-year-old business graphics projector technology you have there. It's also pretty low resolution at 1,024x768 pixels in a native 4:3 format. You might have trouble finding the right parts to fix it since the projector has been out of production for 14 years. Theoretically you would only need the RGBRGB color wheel for the Theater Video mode. But if the Business Graphics color wheel is bad it's possible that might produce an error message that wouldn't allow the projector to run until corrected. Almost no one on this forum would have experience with an old dual-color-wheel business model like that. If you do find the parts and are really good at working on electronics you might get it back up and working. But for ~$500 you could get a modern 1080p HD model that would blow away the xp8010. If you're on a really tight budget you could go for a factory refurbished model.
Yes, everything is "if i add extra $, i will get something better" but i'm fixing the whole house so that will do for now :eek: The projector is running fine with the broken glass, just no colors. My question was if the RGBRGB is for the theater mode. Also i dont know the diameter of the wheel. I tried to glue the parts back (yeah i know...but they did not break again xD) and the diameter is 48mm but what if i made it bigger ? What if it's actually 46 mm ? Maybe i should risk it and buy 48mm RGBRGB....Do i need to sync it via some service menu ? Can't find such...

Here is a picture of my old amateur set up with plain paper during the day without direct sunlight but with open curtains and bad camera :D It's 1600x1200mm picture.


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Yes, the RGBRGB color wheel is the one used for Theater Video mode. But you can't just use any color wheel in any projector. Each color wheel is slightly different and is "tuned" to work with the firmware in the projector it's designed for. If you can't find a color wheel designed specifically for the XP8010 it's not going to work and you would just be wasting money If you can't find a genuine replacement XP8010 RGBRGB color wheel by searching the web then you might want to look for an old XP8010 advertised for sale at low cost and using it as a parts donor to keep your projector going.
I found the wheel for XP8010. Actually i'm still waiting for confirmation if it is in stock. The seller confirmed it is 48mm RGBRGB wheel. If not in stock, could i buy wheel from other projector that is 48mm RGBRGB ? There is a black strip on the side of the motor (on my wheel) and bellow on the PCB there are diodes (?) that i assume are syncing the colors. If they are in the same place as mine, chances are pretty high, right ? The low cost projector is worth 150$ and 50$ shipping to me plus some customs taxes...not worth it.
If you are buying a 48mm RGBRGB color wheel from another XP8010 it should work. If it's a 48mm color wheel that only looks like your color wheel but isn't specifically designed for the XP8010 it probably will not work.
The seller sent me pictures and the number on the wheel is "102130949" mine is "102130949-VA". He says the wheel is for HP XP8010 according to their data base. This is the only one i find in the whole world wide web so i think i will risk it. Thank you Dave in Green !!
Good luck. Please let us know how it works for you.
As i promised! Wheel came, good looking, good quality (not OEM). Starting the projector - lights up for 3 seconds and the lamp shuts down, after maybe 20 seconds the red dead indicator for the lamp turns on. After 20 tries, the lamp stays on but there is nothing on the display...can't open the menu, cant do s*it...oh..i forgot the white dots...first they were on the right side of the screen and then all over the screen. That's my luck...I wonder why i cant open the menu?!? Other people with dead chips can still see picture but i got nothing...anyway..looks like i'm gonna buy new good projector soon.
Looks like i've teared 2 cables while putting the wheel. The cables are for the IR ( i think it is infrared but not sure) that controls the wheel movements (there are 2 wheels). Now that i've soldered them, the lamp does not shut down.
Next up - fixing the white dots :rolleyes:


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Dots gone! but i was too lazy with the assembly, forgot some stuff and now lines appear :mad: why do they put those chips on such a s*ity places...i dont know if someone reads this...

Menu works again and there are COLORS!!!!
@Taroxa, thanks for the update. The reason most people don't want to take their projectors apart and try to repair them is because it's so easy to mess something up as you found with the damaged cables. You deserve a lot of credit for being able to successfully replace the color wheel and also repair the accidental damage to the cables. Most people would not be able to do what you have done. Congratulations!
Thank you!
The pins that lay on the chip are very fragile and i think some are missing. That's why the lines appear (i think). Also there was some moisture and the thermal pad was no good anymore (i changed it). If i find a cheap socket with pins i could try something.
The projector is running fine with the broken glass, just no colors. My question was if the RGBRGB is for the theater mode. Also i dont know the diameter of the wheel. I tried to glue the parts back (yeah i know...but they did not break again xD) and the diameter is 48mm but what if i made it bigger ?
That dual color wheel unit you have there, must be a real oddity.

Never heard of dual color wheels before.
And probably for a good reason.
Dual wheels, double troubles.

In any case, you'd probably will need both for the unit to run properly.

If you cant find the damn things by the usual model search on fleabay and such, you can try asking the fleabay projector parts sellers directly.

To help them out looking for the part, you can take a look at your existing wheels and on them, there's usually an attached ribbon cable. On that cable there'll probably be some markings. Look for serial numbers starting with "1022xxxx" or "23.xxxxxxxx".

Find them and include them on the emails you'll send, asking them if they have it.
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I missed the OP's replies regarding his progress.

Anyway, it might be useful for other folks in similar situations.
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