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colored spots on display

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I recently purchased a used 43" rear projection tv at an auction. Not sure of the brand. Was told it was a Philips, but can't find anywhere on the set that states what brand. Is says "Series LXI" on the front.

Anyway, the set works fine except for two spots on the screen. On is big and yellow in the middle, and the other is a reddish-pink spot just slightly to the upper right of center.

Are there some basic things I can check to see what the problem is?

I appreciate any suggestions you may have.


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You most likely have dirt particles on the CRT's. If you are good at tinkering with things you need to remove the screen to get at the CRT's and clean them.

Use either photographic grade cleaner or distilled water after blowing off loose particles with compressed gas. If you are not comfortable with this, you need to call a tech or a friend who can do it.

While you are at it clean the mirror as well.
It sounds like (at least) 2 of the picture tubes have burned spots on them. A yellow spot is caused by a burned spot on the blue CRT, leaving only red and green for that part of the picture. A magenta spot is caused by a burned spot on the green CRT, leaving only blue and red for that part of the picture. There may be a less severe burn on the red CRT that is masked by the colored spots you see on the screen.

There is no way to repair this other than to replace the affected CRTs. This could cost from maybe $500 to $1500.

BTW, LXI was Sears brand of TV. Most of their RPTVs were indeed made by Philips.

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