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help make the right choice.
I need a calibrator for the main monitor is BenQ SW271
I use the monitor to work with photos, graphics, video, and pre-print preparation.

Looked at the ColorMunki Display or i1Display Pro

I saw that the ColorMunki Display started working with i1Studio software. Will it give me the opportunity to receive a calibration report with ColorMunki Display?
I need to understand what happened before the calibration and what happened after calibration in the details and numbers.
If I work in Adobe RGB and sRGB do I need to calibrate each color space or only one?
What should be the parameters of the monitor before calibration, (color space, brightness, etc.)

Will I have compatibility issues with ColorMunki Display and BenQ SW271?

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-Colormunki display / i1display Sudio is not compatible with Benq HW calibration software. You need to buy the i1DisplayPro.
Device HW is the same with just speed differences, but only de pro version will be accepted by benq spftware. It's the same for all other HW cal solutions from monitor vendor: Dell, Eizo, NEC...

-If you work with color managed software for your photo/print business you just need 1 calibration per "white point & brightness" pair you need at native gamut. Color managed software like Photoshop will deal with image profiles and render image as intented. Examples: D65 120cd/m2, D50 160cd/m2 (P2), D50 100cd/m2.

-If you work with non color managed software like a web designer using non color managed browser, usually you need 1 calibration to sRGB. Most new internet browsers are partially colror managed but may show some incompatibilities with "i1profiler" ICC profiles so if working with native gamut some surprises may happen.

-If you work with non color managed software for video you need 1 calibration matching your content colorspace, typical example is Rec709 gamut, D65, g2.4

-If you work with color managed software for video you need you just need a calibration to desired white at native gamut, then rely on ICC profiles or softwale LUT3D like Resolve. Such LUT3D will have content colorspace as source (Example rec709 g2.4) and current display colorspace as destination (D65 native gamut of your display in this example).

-NEC/Eizo offers fast switch between such different calibration targets one they were calibrated, their software just reloads previously calculated calibration to monitor "memory slot". I would say that yours does not.

-SW271 is one on the widegamut monitor with the WORST color uniformity ever reviewed (with objective data), you may want to check that first since most units are instantly qualified as "return for refund".
Staying away SW benqs for serious photo work is advised.
For example this unit: totally useless display as almost every of SW line, look at those 4dC near center.
Consider getting a proper display like Eizo CS line which is light years away in terms of Quality Control, HW calibration solutions and color uniformity.

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