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I am fairly new to the world of HDTV, and am hoping I can get better reception.

According to antennaweb.org, all I need is a "yellow" antenna to receive all of the HDTV stations I desire.

I purchased a HDTV tuner, and hooked it up to my existing antenna: a Radioshack 15-2151. I got a couple of stations, but a ton of dropout.

I went to Radioshack and asked them what antenna I should get, and they recommended the 15-2156, which I purchased and installed.

I get much better reception with my new antenna, but it still isn't good enough. Every minute or two, my signal gets completely garbled.

My HDTV tuner is the WinTV-HD. When I go to the diagnostics mode, it always seems like I get an all or nothing response. My "errors in the last 20 seconds" is either 0, or it is several thousand.

I'm pretty sure that my gain is high enough (too high perhaps) because I get all of the analog stations fairly well with it.

After reading the South Orange County thread, I think my problem might be "multipass". I'm not sure exactly what that is, or how to fix it, but that sounds good, right? :)

Would a signal amplifier be a good solution for me? Or should I try a UHF only antenna?

I think dual Radioshack 2160's mounted in a parallel orientation with a Radio Shack 1171 amplifier sounds like an interesting solution.

Then again, maybe it's just that my HDTV tuner is no good.

Is there anyone out there from Colton with good HDTV reception?

I appreciate your feedback.
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