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Hey guys, since the quality of my BD drive in combination with PDVD8 isnt that great, im thinking of a PS3 80GB to play my Blurays. i can get it cheap for about 150.

my system:

Im using onboard sound of the gigabyte gama78gds3h, it has a 889 chipset. sound is great, i have my "teufel" 5.1 system on it.

So now im using the HTPC for mkv's and other stuff like, musicstreaming, pictures and a bit of inetsurfing.

would it be possible to connect the ps3 over a digital cable, i dont know if the ps3 has optical or coaxial SPDIF, with the onboardsoundcard of my htpc (the mainboard has an extra bracket with spdif in and outs) to have 5.1 sound when i play BD on the ps3?
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