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Before I start I just want to say that this forum is the best resource I have come across for A/V, HDTV and CATV.

I have two dual tuner satellite receivers on different floors of my house and I want to combine two of the four tuners with the antenna signal that is being distributed through the house. The output of the two tuners are modulated separately to any channels I desire. The question is what's the best method to accomplish this.

Right now I am using inexpensive passive splitters to combine them and I was wondering if this is the best way. I also was toying with the idea of using a Channel Master eight output distribution amp to boost the modulated signal from the tuners; would a distro amp do the job? The splitters I'm using work but there is interference on the modulated output of the satellite tuners. Would a distro amp help this? That, and a small part of me is curious how others would do it.

I know this is a simple question but I haven't been able to find any specific threads on this. I've read alot on combining and splitting UHF & VHF from separate antennas but not a whole lot on combining signals on separate cables.

I appreciate any advice,

Thank You
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